Big Data Taking Social Media to New Heights

Social media is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite online go-to and big data is helping to handle all of that social information.


From personal profiles to social media managers handling major social accounts for companies, big data is able to manage vast amounts of social content.

With socially managed data in mind, here are just a few ways big data and social media make a great team when it comes to businesses and their marketing endeavors:

Social Insight

Knowing not only how customers react to a marketing campaign but also how they discover the campaign to begin with is the key to a business’s success. Big data isn’t only providing this key, but also unlocking and opening the door for businesses of all kinds.

That’s right, it all boils down to insight, which is something that social media and the big data partnership offers.

From socially fueled data management to big data analytics that break down raw data into usable information, businesses are gaining true insight into their customer bases.

This results in optimized marketing practices on a social level.

Strategic Business Intelligence

Social media can tell businesses a ton about the customers they market to, but only if that data is handled properly. Big data provides strategic business intelligence that can extract and analyze social data in order to measure it against current marketing models.

As the following article looks at, this leads to the question Is business intelligence a “Force” to be reckoned with?

Well, considering big data can help businesses and social media managers take action to discover and retain social customer groups through predictive analysis and other data tools, the answer is a resounding yes.

Improved Customer Retention

With social media, businesses can market to specific customer groups based on their social preferences, likes, and browsing activities. This allows businesses to optimize and personalize their marketing efforts, which improves customer retention.

Instead of sending generic marketing messages to a massive social audience, big data lets businesses derive important customer-centric information from the social data it collects.

This gives even the largest companies a chance to create personal marketing campaigns that reflect their customers’ wants and keep them engaged.

Affordable Consumer Research

Before social media came along, businesses had to spend a large amount of money on large-scale marketing research endeavors.

With big data, all businesses have to do now is collect data from their customers’ social activities in order to learn their online behaviors.

This narrows the playing field, which lowers the cost of customer research.

Social media produces rich customer data, which means businesses no longer have to take a widespread approach to their research practices. Specific, focused, affordable customer research is the name of the game when social media and big data join forces.

Quality Marketing

The big data and social media partnership allows businesses and social media managers to provide customers high quality marketing campaigns.

By crafting marketing campaigns based on a customer’s likes, interests, and social activities, businesses can personalize their marketing approach. This type of personal touch marketing is always a major improvement.

When it comes to social media and business marketing, big data truly is making the world a better place.

About the Article: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including social media and online marketing.