Put Network Automation to Work for Your Company

IT departments spend a lot of time automating operational, financial, sales, marketing and other functions in their organizations, but many of them fail to pay enough attention to their own processes.


As their responsibilities increase, there is a greater need for them to organize and streamline their processes, so that they can get more work done with less time and effort.

If you want your IT department to become more efficient, productive and cost-effective, you should consider investing in network automation.

Here is a look at some of the benefits of network automation….

How Network Automation Can Improve Your Business

Saves Time: With network automation, you will be able to implement changes systematically across your entire network.

This can significantly reduce the amount of time needed to implement new network services, automate maintenance tasks and fix identified problems, as well as the off-hours required by your IT employees to execute network changes.

Additionally, network automation solutions come with conflict resolution to ensure that automation tasks will be accurate and successful.

They also provide detailed error analysis and reports to facilitate quick identification of failures and easy remediation.

Minimizes Network Downtime

According to an article entitled “How Network Automation Helps Your Company Improve“, network automation can play a vital role in your disaster recovery plan, enabling you to get your network up and running again in the shortest time possible in the event of a downtime.

Automating your network allows you to detect changes in real time and gain a better understanding of the network situation. You will know precisely what changes were made, who made them and when they were made.

Any change can be easily reverted to the previous good state, which can help reduce network downtime.

Your IT employees will be able to implement configuration changes quickly and systematically, and troubleshoot configuration errors that are causing downtime more easily.

Improves Network Security

To enhance network security, your security personnel and network managers can set stronger access permissions on your network devices.

If your network is automated, access privileges can be disabled with minimal time and effort, without having to reconfigure every device on your network.

The centralized model makes it possible for devices to be configured to accept connections from authorized network systems only, which can make your network less vulnerable to hack attacks.

Also, the ability of an automated network to detect and prevent mistakes can contribute significantly to the overall security and stability of your network.

In the event that security holes occur, notifications will be sent immediately to the appropriate staff.

With network automation, best practice configuration standards will be enforced in real time to ensure that network standards are always compliant. It can prevent users from implementing configuration changes that violate the standards.

By automating your network, you can help your IT staff save substantial time and effort, reduce your IT costs and make your network less susceptible to downtime events.

These benefits make it worthwhile for you to invest in a good network automation solution.

About the Author: John McMalcolm is a freelance writer who writes on a wide range of subjects, from social media marketing to Cloud computing.