Is the Cloud Part of Your Business Makeup?

Businessman pushing shopping cartAn increasing number of businesses are moving their systems and processes to the Cloud, because it can help them improve the efficiency of their processes, reduce costs and innovate more effectively.

However, some types of businesses stand to benefit more from such a move than others.

Here is a look at seven industries that should step up their adoption of Cloud technology.


With Cloud computing, educational institutes can achieve higher levels of efficiency and productivity by automating their administrative processes.

By developing a centralized information and knowledge depository, they will be able to improve communication with their students, employees and other people.

Life Sciences

As their clinical trial data becomes more voluminous and complex, researchers need to find new ways to filter data.

Switching to the Cloud enables them to reduce the costs of clinical trials and boost innovation, as well as improve health care eventually.

Real Estate

One of the main reasons why many real estate companies are adopting Cloud computing is because of its data storage capabilities. It allows agents to recover files more easily and quickly than a traditional tape storage system.

It is also significantly more cost-effective to back up data in the Cloud than to buy back up drives, update backup software and perform backups manually.


According to an article entitled “7 Types of Businesses that Need Better Cloud Performance“, the finance industry is one of the top five biggest spenders on Cloud services.

Its investment in Cloud services is expected to amount to approximately $84 billion from 2011 to 2016.

By adopting Cloud computing, financial services companies will be able to access condensed, readily usable data with greater ease and speed, and they do not need to have separate client databases and banking portals for different branches.


In a study conducted by Rackspace, about 56 percent of mobile telecommunications companies said that they saw an increase in their profits after adopting Cloud computing.

Moving to the Cloud can help them lower their IT costs and attract more customers by offering Cloud services.


Travel booking websites such as, Travelocity and Expedia are eating into the profits of hotels.

One of the reasons why hotels cannot compete with popular travel booking websites is because many of them are still using antiquated IT systems such as Excel.

There are now SAS solutions available to enable hotels to take measures such as testing price elasticity on their own websites to boost their competitiveness.

Consumer Goods

Cloud computing can help consumer goods companies boost the effectiveness and expertise of their sales teams, introduce new products to the marketplace more quickly and improve customer satisfaction.

They can realize these benefits by moving their customer relationship management systems to the Cloud and mixing their web, social media, email and mobile marketing campaigns to target consumers in a more customized manner.

Businesses may experience some growing pains when they try to implement Cloud computing solutions.

However, the benefits they stand to gain more than outweigh any difficulty they may face.

About the Author: John McMalcolm is a freelance writer who writes on a wide range of subjects, from social media marketing to Cloud computing.