Travel Agents Taking to Marketing and Social Media to Land Travelers

social_travelTravel agents are finding that using social media is helping out with reaching more travelers. Because it’s easy to plan a trip many people are doing it by themselves these days, and bypassing the travel agents.

However, many people still feel a bit uncomfortable taking on planning a trip on, so they rely on travel agents.

As an agent, what social media sites should you be hitting up?

Among those to look at:


Just as with any business, a travel agent should definitely have a Facebook page.

Not only can you gather followers, who hopefully will transition into clients here, but you can also post relevant information about yourself and your field. Make sure your page is distinct and professional. Keep your posts about your kids and your nights out to your personal page.

You can offer specials, discounts and seasonal deals on your Facebook page, as well as engage with followers.


Keep an active, current LinkedIn page.

Usually before people considering working with any sort of professional, be it accountant, private tutor or travel agent, they want to know a bit about them. And where better to look than LinkedIn.

If a potential client goes there looking for you, say from a reference, and you aren’t there, they may seek someone else.

But if you have a current page, filled with smart, relevant travel material, you may have landed yourself a new client.


As a travel agent, you should have a blog. And this blog should be tied with your other social media, like LinkedIn and Facebook.

As the following article looks at, you can post general articles about your favorite places to travel, dining in other countries and cities, or be more specific and focus on things like great seasonal deals, “Five unconventional ways to save money on travel”, and what to pack on a cruise.

You never know where a blog will take you and who may find it. It could even lead to bigger and better things.


If you are a traveler yourself, create a Pinterest page.

Here is where you can post those gorgeous photos of exotic places and delicious, local foods. You can offer packing tips with visuals, and create boards on pre and post travel ideas to ease you into and back from vacation.

With Pinterest, you can use your creative skills and travel experience to create great visuals that will hopefully reel in some new clients. Your existing clients will appreciate it, too.

With millions and millions of people using social media, and the fact that you can work with people throughout the country remotely, you can benefit from social media more than you may know.

Keep good social media pages, show relevant material in a visually appealing way and engage.

Good luck to you and feel free to share any great tips that have worked for you.

About the Author: Heather Legg is a writer who focuses on social media, working from home and small business.