Realtors Selling Mass Text Messaging

In today’s busy world, many people do not have the time to go house hunting, and they prefer to be able to obtain real estate information as easily and quickly as possible.

smsIn order to meet the needs and preferences of their potential customers, real estate companies and agents are increasingly using text messaging as a marketing and customer engagement tool.

Here is a look at how realtors can leverage SMS marketing to attract, engage and convert more customers.

Benefits of Adopting SMS Marketing

There are many reasons why realtors should invest in text message marketing.

First of all, SMS marketing enables them to get their marketing messages across to their target consumers almost instantly, regardless of the recipients’ locations. It also ensures that most of their messages will be read.

According to a report released by Leads360, marketing text messages have an open rate of 98 percent and a response rate of 45 percent.

Also, the conversion rate for recipients who are sent three or more messages after initial contact is 328 percent.

Text message marketing is also easier and cheaper to implement than most other forms of marketing. Realtors can easily find SMS service providers that charge only a few cents per message, or they can use a bulk SMS service to get better value for their money.

How Realtors Can Use SMS Marketing to Their Advantage

Provide Listing Information

According to an article entitled “4 Ways Realtors Can Use Mass Text Messaging for Success“, text messaging enables realtors to provide their customers with the convenience of being able to gain easy and immediate access to real estate information. They should display their SMS keywords on their for-sale signs, so that potential buyers can send them text messages to get quick information about their properties.

Respond to Inquiries Automatically

By incorporating text messaging into their marketing strategies, realtors can use auto-responders to respond quickly to inquiries about certain properties.

A wide range of information can be provided through an auto-responder, including address, price, square footage, bedroom count and the agent’s phone number.

This tool can send information to interested buyers round the clock. It does not only help realtors save time and effort; it also contributes to a better customer experience.

Schedule Appointments

Another reason why realtors should adopt SMS communication is because it makes it easier for them to schedule appointments.

They can use text messaging to set up house-viewing appointments and send reminders to reduce “no-shows”.

Suggest Properties

Once realtors know which types of properties their customers are interested in, they can send them suggestions of other properties that meet their needs and preferences via SMS.

SMS is also a great way to notify prospective buyers if there is a drop in the prices of the properties they were previously interested in.

More and more realtors are realizing the importance of text messaging as a marketing tool, and they are leveraging this medium to boost their marketing results.

SMS marketing can play a vital role in helping realtors stand out from their competitors.

About the Author: John McMalcolm is a freelance writer who writes on a wide range of subjects, from social media marketing to Cloud computing.