Opening up New Opportunities for Your Workspace

800_hiringThe workplace is constantly changing. With that in mind, is your business keeping up?

As technology provides more flexible working opportunities and workers’ expectations of the workplace shift, going to work is a very different experience than it would have been just 10 years ago.

Just what are some of the main changes taking place and how can they impact your business?

More Collaborative Working

The workplace is becoming more collaborative. More collaboration can be seen in everything from instant messaging to Google Docs, to work flow systems that let team members see which tasks they need to do and find out where everyone else is on a project.

The traditional model of a manager giving orders and everyone following is changing, as employees get more and more involved with decision making processes, making each business a truly team effort.

Encouraging more collaborative working is a good step for your business. More collaboration can lead to better communication and more efficient working.

A more team-focused culture means your employees will feel more heard, and will be more likely to get involved and be invested in your company’s success.

Increase in Telecommuting

As the article “The Dawning of Wide Open Workspace Slideshare” points out, as many as 3.9 million Americans are expected to telecommute by 2015.

The increase in telecommuting is changing the way people do business. More flexible working and the technology to stay in touch means workers can achieve great things for your company without coming in to the office.

Cloud-based technology, smart phones, and collaborative software make it easier than ever for your team to work and work together, no matter where they are.

Telecommuting is good news for businesses. Contrary to what employers fear, telecommuting can make workers more productive, by giving them the freedom to work more flexibly, and letting them know that your business supports them in that.

More Global Teams

Working with colleagues from around the country or even the world has never been easier. High-speed internet connections and the increasing opportunity for businesses to embrace a global audience is changing the shape of businesses.

Colleagues in one office may now find themselves working alongside team members from disparate locations.

More global teams are good news for your business. As well as tapping into the potential of other markets, more global working gives your team the chance to work with colleagues from a range of places, strengthening their knowledge and giving them new skills.

Changing Workspace and Culture

Working culture is changing, and this is reflected in changes in the layout of offices themselves. Many offices now are adopting a more open layout with plenty of areas where team members can sit down together to get some work done.

A good work-life balance and finding satisfaction at work matter more now than ever. Employees expect to be heard, and valued, which in turn means a more involved team with fresh ideas.

A more fulfilling and open workplace culture can reap big rewards for your business, including a more committed and engaged team, and a more positive office culture which is just as productive, if not more so, but much more enjoyable to be in.

Workplaces and the way team members work together are changing more and more.

By embracing these changes and finding the best ways to work with them, you can help create a rewarding culture and flexible workplace that people will want to be part of.

As an employer, what do you most value in a workplace?

About the Author: Tristan Anwyn writes on a wide variety of topics, including branding, inbound marketing, flexible working and social media.