Podcasts Are a Great Marketing Tool

podcastHave you included podcasting in your marketing strategy? Podcasts are a great marketing tool that can be used to form a connection with your audience, promote your business, and keep your audience interested in what you have to say and more.

So just what can podcasts do for your business?

Make a Connection

Podcasts help you to establish a true connection with your listeners. The old adage about customers doing business with people, not businesses, holds true here.

Listening to a human voice creates a connection. Your listeners will be able to get a sense of your personality, and will connect your voice to your business. Instead of being just a brand name or a website, you will become a living, breathing person that your listeners can build a relationship of trust with.

If you want to give your customers a sense of the personality behind your business, podcasting is an excellent way to do just that. Don’t be afraid to include plenty of personality in your podcasts.

Establish Yourself as an Authority

Build trust with your customers and they’ll keep coming back. A podcast is a great platform for you to build trust by establishing yourself as an authority.

The simplicity of a podcast makes it easy to drill down and focus on what really matters. By consistently providing useful content to your listeners, you’ll establish a reputation as a go-to source for expert knowledge in your field.

Ideally, a podcast should be around 20 minutes, to keep listeners’ attention. That’s plenty of time to drill down into your chosen subject and demonstrate your knowledge and usefulness.

Offer Valuable Information

As the article “7 Stitcher Podcasts Any Insurance Agent Will Benefit From” points out, there are podcasts out there on a wide range of topics. You can afford to be flexible with your podcast topics, so long as you keep them on a theme that is relevant to your business.

Podcasts give you an opportunity to offer your customers valuable information. From digging deep into a subject related to your business, to finding out your customer’s pain points and addressing them, podcasts give you the chance to offer real value.

A regular schedule of truly useful podcasts will keep your customers coming back for more. Choose topics that interest you and you feel confident talking about, and your enthusiasm will be infectious.

Raise Brand Awareness

Podcasts are a fantastic way to raise brand awareness. While it’s important that you don’t turn your podcast into 20 minutes of advertising, you can still use it to raise awareness of your business and services or products.

Try ending your podcasts with a call to action to encourage your listeners to get in touch with you, ask questions, or buy your services. Let them know what they should do after listening to your podcast.

Reach Your Audience

Because podcasts are easy to download and listen to on an iPod or MP3 player, they’re a fantastic way to reach your audience when they’re out and about. Podcasts give your audience the chance to listen to what you have to say, whether on the beach, working out, or on the commute to work.

The mobile nature of podcasts means your customers will take your message with them wherever they go, keeping your brand in their minds. Remember to promote your podcasts on your website and social media to encourage your audience to download them and take them wherever they go.

Podcasts are a fantastic marketing tool that helps you establish a connection with your customers while offering them real value that they can take anywhere.

Get started with podcasts today to get your marketing messages heard.

About the Author: Tristan Anwyn is an author who writes on topics including social media, SEO that works, and how to use podcasts to market your business.