Is Big Data in Your Career Plans?

If you’re ready to make a career change, big data could be the answer. Not only does a career in big data offer job security, it also offers a number of different career opportunities.

When it comes to career success, here are a handful of opportunities big data provides:

Big Data Career Outlook

It’s always important to know your future career path has plenty of job security that goes along with it. Fortunately, big data is in it for long haul in terms of job growth and security. In fact, according to PC Mag and Wired, the world produces over 2.5 quintillion tons of data every day.

Likewise, it’s estimated that 94% of all data collected on a daily basis is in the digital format. This includes data from search engines and social media.

Google processes close to 4 billion search engine requests each day and, between content and photos, Facebook processes 500 terabytes of data every day.

As for the future of big data, well, the outlook is amazingly strong. By the year 2020, there’s predicted to be 40 zettabytes of data – that’s more than 400 million gigabytes.

With plenty of opportunity out there, the question is which big data career paths are most promising?

Business Intelligence Analyst

As the following article looks at, along with the 6 career opportunities provided by big data are also business intelligence analyst positions.

Analysts need to have a clear understanding of all things big data and database technology. This includes analytical processing, data reporting, stored procedures, and the ability to develop a company-wide data analyzing plan.

If you’re aiming for a career as a business intelligence analyst, you can likely expect a starting salary in the $90,000 range.

Data Modeler

As a data modeler, you’ll be required to address data quality control issues with management as well as clients. Other job responsibilities include creating and analyzing data flow models.

Because you’ll likely work directly with IT teams, having strong communications skills is also a must.

Data modelers work with many complicated data sets, which means organization and problem solving is a top priority. Most data modelers have starting salaries in the $85,000 range with plenty of room to grow.

Portal Administrator

As big data continues to expand in business environments, the need for portal administrators is on the rise. The main responsibility of portal administrators is to manage access for users within a business. In addition, administrators also make sure enterprise web environments are available for all users.

Enterprise web application is a large part of being a portal administrator, so it’s important to have knowledge of web application systems, services, and corresponding technologies.

As a portal administrator, you can likely expect a starting salary in the $95,000 range.

Database Administrator

Big data requires massive storage centers, which is where database administrators come into play. Database administrators maintain company databases.

In addition, administrators also monitor backup infrastructure protocol and ensure all data is recoverable after disaster strikes. Salaries for database administrators typically start at $92,500.

When you’re ready to change careers, consider some of the big data opportunities above.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including big data and job-hunting.