Take Stock in Video Promotions for Your Brand

Lisa Eldridge, famous makeup expert, recently posted a YouTube video demonstrating how to make up seniors.

The video shows Eldridge making up a series of seniors who are noticeably appreciative of what some seniors call a “psychological face lift.”

Beauty videos are becoming all the rage on YouTube and other outlets. Both professionals and amateurs are getting their makeup on in front of the camera.

Amateurs love to demonstrate how they got specific makeup effects, like how they made themselves up to look like a geisha or a Barbie doll.

Some amateurs are even comfortable sharing with perfect strangers how they cover up or camouflage facial scars and other imperfections. So, why are videos important in promoting your particular brand?

Behind-the-Scenes Action

Beauty professionals may have started the trend, however. Feeding the hunger for behind-the-scenes information about how stars get to look so pretty, some pros have enlisted stars and celebrities to go through their makeup routine from start to finish, all on camera for others to learn.

Use Video for Promotion

As a beauty professional, you can use the power of video to showcase your work, talent and skills.

Video is the perfect way to demonstrate your authority in the line of makeup application, nail art or hairstyling. What better way to prove to the hundreds of thousands of video watchers that your services are desirable?

Make Videos Searchable

Using video to attract customers is similar to developing SEO for your website.

When you create videos, name them appropriately, based on searches that people are conducting on YouTube. Make sure that your video description uses some of the terms that you think people will use when they do their search.

Show Interest in Commenters

Also, make sure that you interact with the commenters on your YouTube video creations.

Set your notifications so that if someone comments on your video, you can log in and respond in a reasonable amount of time.

For instance, people may ask about hair accessories you used or nail polish brands you used in the video. They may want to know if their hair type will work with the hairstyle you demonstrated.

When you respond to their comments, you show that you truly are vested in their learning through your video.

The article, “The amazing rise of beauty videos”, shows that using video is no accident.

YouTube has proven to be a powerful search engine, second only to Google in terms of popularity. More and more, people are conducting their online searches in YouTube over other alternatives.

Make sure that your salon is in their search results, and you’ll be certain to enjoy traffic to your website and your front doors.

Making videos to put on YouTube has become easier. You can film them using your smart phone, a camcorder or your laptop camera. YouTube has made it easy to upload videos and assign an account holder and link it to your business.

There’s no reason why you can’t start your video marketing campaign right away!

About the Author: Kate Supino writes extensively about best business practices.