How To Use Content To Work Smarter with Sales?

Content marketing will change the way you manage your business, and there are many people who will want to use content in a variety of ways to make their company look better. Someone who is using content marketing in the right way can continually use different methods to make their business look great. Content marketing creates exposure, makes brand into household names, and saves a company money.

Nine Steps For The Best Content Marketing That Converts Sales

  1. Start A Blog

A blog is a good way for people to market their company because they can release information to the public with no trouble. You could respond to the public in these situations and will notice that people come by your blog to interact with you more than they could in other places. Blogs are a freeform way of writing, and they make the company must easier to work with.

  1. Hit the pain point

Yes, it is necessary to find the main concerning points of your target audience and develop content accordingly. Suppose if your company provides life insurance then you can create an article on the how responsible dads can keep their family safe.

  1. Use Facebook

Facebook is its own animal when you start doing any form of content marketing. Facebook actually allows you to purchase ads, and you could write articles that are posted to Facebook throughout the day. You might share releases of your new products, or you could link to videos and other things that you want your customers to see. Facebook is one of the more popular places for people to look for information, and people could comment on your posts. The Facebook Messenger is a unique customer service tool that you might use to give instant feedback to your customers.

  1. Use Twitter

Twitter is a place where you can post small bits of information with links. You might use Twitter because you like to be a little bit wittier than your competition, or you could have interactions with other companies on Twitter. You could use Twitter to give vital information to a large group of people, and there are many who will share your tweets throughout the day. You might announce releases on Twitter, or you could post information that would be helpful to your customers.

  1. Use YouTube


YouTube is a place where you can post information in video or commercial form. You might create something that offers tips to your customers, or you could create videos that read like commercials. You might do interviews with people who work in your industry, and you could have a video made that explains how to use an upcoming product. You want people to be intrigued by what your company does, and you could put a face to the name of your company.

  1. Make A Playlist

The playlist that you create for your company could be something that you build through a company like Pandora or Spotify. There are news stations using these companies to make playlists for morning traffic, and you will find radio shows making playlists for their listeners to use as inspiration. People who write or work in the entertainment industry will make their own playlist, and you could make a playlist that people will use while using your service. You might make a playlist for when your customers use the tools you sell, or you could make a workout playlist if your company is in the fitness industry.

  1. Publish Only Your Best Stuff

You must publish only your best content so that your readers grow accustomed to seeing something wonderful. You will confuse people if you release information that is hard to understand, and they might be turned off if you write in an inconsistent style. Only release something that you know will turn the heads of your customers, and remember that you could hire someone to do this for you. You probably do not have the time to do this all by yourself, but you can hire someone to help.

  1. Be Consistent

Your company must post often so that you have a chance to reach people every day. You never know who will run across your blog or website, and you must have something fresh for them to enjoy. You might continue adding items to a playlist, or you could make a new video every day. You must give the public a reason to patronize your business, and you must compel them to keep up with you because of the way that you write, talk, or think.

  1. Create A Voice

You must create a voice for your company that is shown through these many channels. You must give your company a personality, and the personality that people see if what they will remember when it is time for them to buy something. You might have a voice that is funny or snarky, and it might be the thing that your customers love about your company. You might show your customers that you are working hard at being serious, and you could have a voice that changes to solemn during tragedies. You can show the world that you care, and you might use that voice to ask for donations to charity.

  1. Honourable Mention: Hire A Marketer

You must hire a marketer who will help you make the choices that are best for your company, and they might direct much of this effort for you. They know how to help you when you need something written, and they can show you how to create content. Anyone who is using content marketing could pay a small fee to have a marketer do much of this work for them. You might take over some of these tasks once the marketer has shown you what to do.


You can change the course of your business with content marketing, and you must be certain that you have chosen all the right avenues for marketing. You can deploy content marketing tactics every day that make your business stronger, and you will find that you can easily bring in more customers because they are intrigued by what it is you have to say. Make a video, be funny on Twitter, and spread around as much content as you can with a blog that is directed at customers.

Devilishly Sneaky Ways To Leverage Your Competitors To Get The Message Out

It seems that no matter where you look, you see the same brands everywhere: Coca-cola, Facebook, PlayStation and even Microsoft. The reason for this is that these brands are in an epic battle with their arch rivals, including Pepsi, Twitter, Xbox and Apple. They know that if they relent and don’t put their logo wherever they can, their brand will suffer and their main competitor will rise.

Part of their strategy is, therefore, to put their name wherever they can. It’s all about exposure: getting their message in front of their customers for as many times each day as possible. Of course, doing that is no mean feat, but big companies are very good at finding sneaky ways of branding that many ordinary business owners would never think of. Here are some devilishly sneaky ways to get your message in front of your customers.

Start Disrupting Your Competitor’s YouTube Videos

If you’re new to an industry and you have established competitors, the chances are that they will already have a channel on YouTube, especially if you happen to be in a competitive sector. Rather than start from scratch, building your own channel (which could potentially take a couple of years) instead, piggyback on the success of your competitors. One of the cool things you can do on YouTube is get your content to appear as an advert that shows before a user watches your competitor’s videos. Big companies do this often. For instance, Sprint, a mobile service provider in the USA, started paying for adverts to appear before it’s competitor AT&T’s videos. The result was that it was able to get its branding to appear, every time somebody organically searched for its competitor.

Of course, to do this, you’re going to need to know a lot about the interests, keywords and demographics of the type of people who are interested in your industry. But once you’ve got that nailed, you can have your adverts appear before customers watch a competitor’s video.

Put Your Adverts In An App



In app advertising is all the rage right now, and for a good reason. Adverts that appear in apps are actually a lot more effective than adverts that appear as banner ads across the top of a website. Why? Well, the major reason has to do with the fact that they can be tailored to the individual customer’s needs. Say, for instance, the customer just happens to be popping by your store, you can use in app advertising to offer them geo-based discounts, offers or incentives. Inside the app environment, adverts don’t even need to look like adverts: they can take the form of a conversation and can be melded into the aesthetic of the rest of the application, discouraging people from instantly dismissing them before they have been read.

Use Your Competitor’s Emails Against Them

Finally, you can remarket to people who have shown interest in your competitor’s site through email marketing. Find the keywords customers have used to target your competitor’s brand, and then include these on Gmail Ads.



Are You Taking Advantage of Video Productions?

video2jpgWhen it comes to connecting with customer or potential customers in the digital age, video content is king.

Yes, text is still a major player, but video content allows viewers to become more immersed in what you have to offer.

In a way, video content connects more personally with viewers, leading to more conversions.

How Are You Producing Video Content?

In a world full of smartphones that produce excellent-quality video, it may seem tempting to just come up with a marketing idea and film it using such device.

While this can work with niche marketing ideas, it likely won’t garner the attention or conversions your business deserves.

Instead, as suggested in the article, “Should You Outsource Your Video Productions?,” either hire an in-house video production team or outsource your needs.

High-definition cameras these days, alongside video editing software and filters, can provide a Hollywood-look to almost anything so that your videos can come across as professional with limited effort or expense

Where to Post Your Videos?

When deciding where to post videos, you need to think about the video content. Traditionally, YouTube has been the go-to solution.

Simply create an account for your company and upload your marketing and advertising videos for products and services. However, today, there are a multitude of options available to share.

For example, Facebook and Twitter video uploads are great, whether paid advertising or not. You can also publicize short videos on services such as Vine.

Working with multiple sites will allow your company’s videos to be viewed by a much larger audience.

You might even consider creating different versions to reach different demographics on each service through which you publish.

Can Video Production Become an Additional Revenue Stream?

An interesting point about online videos, especially when factoring in YouTube is that they can not only be a content marketing goldmine, but they can actually generate revenue.

Once you have enough subscribers to your company’s YouTube channel and you’ve hit a certain amount of views for each video, your company can actually start to receive residual income from the videos it posts.

In fact, some successful YouTubers make millions a year off of posting informative and engaging videos on a regular or daily basis.

The double win for your company is that professionally-produced, well-thought-out videos can go on to garner brand exposure and support for a product or service while bringing in additional revenue.

About the Author: Andrew Rusnak is an author who writes on topics that include video production and marketing.

Take Stock in Video Promotions for Your Brand

Lisa Eldridge, famous makeup expert, recently posted a YouTube video demonstrating how to make up seniors.

The video shows Eldridge making up a series of seniors who are noticeably appreciative of what some seniors call a “psychological face lift.”

Beauty videos are becoming all the rage on YouTube and other outlets. Both professionals and amateurs are getting their makeup on in front of the camera.

Amateurs love to demonstrate how they got specific makeup effects, like how they made themselves up to look like a geisha or a Barbie doll.

Some amateurs are even comfortable sharing with perfect strangers how they cover up or camouflage facial scars and other imperfections. So, why are videos important in promoting your particular brand?

Behind-the-Scenes Action

Beauty professionals may have started the trend, however. Feeding the hunger for behind-the-scenes information about how stars get to look so pretty, some pros have enlisted stars and celebrities to go through their makeup routine from start to finish, all on camera for others to learn.

Use Video for Promotion

As a beauty professional, you can use the power of video to showcase your work, talent and skills.

Video is the perfect way to demonstrate your authority in the line of makeup application, nail art or hairstyling. What better way to prove to the hundreds of thousands of video watchers that your services are desirable?

Make Videos Searchable

Using video to attract customers is similar to developing SEO for your website.

When you create videos, name them appropriately, based on searches that people are conducting on YouTube. Make sure that your video description uses some of the terms that you think people will use when they do their search.

Show Interest in Commenters

Also, make sure that you interact with the commenters on your YouTube video creations.

Set your notifications so that if someone comments on your video, you can log in and respond in a reasonable amount of time.

For instance, people may ask about hair accessories you used or nail polish brands you used in the video. They may want to know if their hair type will work with the hairstyle you demonstrated.

When you respond to their comments, you show that you truly are vested in their learning through your video.

The article, “The amazing rise of beauty videos”, shows that using video is no accident.

YouTube has proven to be a powerful search engine, second only to Google in terms of popularity. More and more, people are conducting their online searches in YouTube over other alternatives.

Make sure that your salon is in their search results, and you’ll be certain to enjoy traffic to your website and your front doors.

Making videos to put on YouTube has become easier. You can film them using your smart phone, a camcorder or your laptop camera. YouTube has made it easy to upload videos and assign an account holder and link it to your business.

There’s no reason why you can’t start your video marketing campaign right away!

About the Author: Kate Supino writes extensively about best business practices.