Turn-on Clients with Corporate Videos

video3Is your business making the best use of corporate video?

Corporate video is a powerful tool that helps you get your message across in a visually engaging way.

So just why are corporate videos important to your brand, and what qualities do your videos need?

Why Your Brand Needs Corporate Video

Done correctly, corporate videos will help you build a good relationship with your customers.

Corporate videos can accomplish many things:

  • Raising brand awareness;
  • Putting a face and personality to your brand;
  • Establishing you as an expert;
  • Making an emotional connection with your customers;
  • Highlighting the benefits of your business or product;
  • Increasing sales and conversions;
  • Providing useful information.

Six Qualities Every Corporate Video Must Have

In a world full of marketing messages, a properly targeted corporate video can encourage your customers to stop and give your brand their undivided attention for a few minutes.

But what qualities will your video need to achieve this?

  1. Good Plan – Making a corporate video takes time and money. To make sure it’s time and money well spent, start off with a clear plan. Map out what your video will say, and how it will say it. Know what your introduction and ending will be like. Remember to draw up a budget, and plan out who and what you will need to make your video happen.
  2. Clear Message – A clear message is an absolute must. Whether you want to convey how a specific product will make your customers’ lives easier, or let them know your brand ethics and values, your video will need a strong message. Don’t muddy the issue with more than one message; decide on what you really need to say and focus on saying that thing.
  3. Defined Audience – As the article “5 Qualities Every Corporate Video Should Have” says, a one-size fits all approach doesn’t work. If you try to appeal to everyone, you risk appealing to no one. Instead, get clear on who your video is targeting. What is their demographic? What are their concerns and values? Now you can craft a video that speaks directly to that.
  4. Top-Notch Production Values – Anything less than excellent quality will make your brand look unprofessional. Your video will need to have crisp sound, clear visuals, good lighting and a well thought out script. These things are achievable even on a relatively small budget, so don’t skimp on quality.
  5. Great Story – For maximum effect, your video needs to engage your customers and connect with them on an emotional level. That’s where telling a story comes in. Focus on what you want your customers to feel. Do you want to amuse them? Engender a feeling of trust in your brand? Generate a sense of excitement? Let your video tell a story that will elicit those reactions.
  6. Focus on the Viewer – Too many corporate videos focus on the business behind them. If you’re talking about your business processes or rehashing your history, then the focus is on you. Instead, focus on your viewer. What do they need to know about your brand? What can you tell them that is relevant to their lives? Present your message from their point of view and you’ll show them why your brand matters to them.

Corporate videos connect you directly to your customers, making an emotional impact that will help your brand stand out in their minds.

Plan well, stay focused, and insist on quality to make your corporate video work for you.

About the Author: Tristan Anwyn is an author who writes on a range of topics including social media, SEO that works, and how to use corporate videos to raise brand awareness.

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