Is Your Business App Getting You Attention?

mobileIf you’re trying to get your new business app off the ground, it’s important to remember that visibility is the key to success.

When more people know about your app, it increases word of mouth marketing as well as download rates.

With application attention in mind, here are a handful of ways to increase visibility for your app:

Be Flexible with Your Pricing

Everyone likes to get paid for their hard work, but the cost of your business app could be exactly what’s keeping it in the dark.

Many users search for new apps based on price, which is why it’s important to consider making the cost of your app flexible – at least at the start.

Offering competitive pricing with other similar apps on the market will help put your business app in the spotlight. To truly gain more visibility, you may even want to offer your app for free.

You can either offer free app downloads during the initial release or for short periods of time throughout its duration on the app store.

Don’t Neglect Keywords

Speaking of the app store, whether your business has its sights set on Apple or Google Play, it’s crucial to get your keywords right.

As the article, “App store optimization: How to increase the visibility of your app” looks at, you need to remember to include app keywords in your app title, not just the keyword field.

Most businesses think it’s necessary to put keywords in the app description, but this simply isn’t the case and will get your app nowhere in terms of optimization.

Likewise, in order to get the most characters out of the keyword field, don’t use spaces. Simply enter keywords back-to-back with commas in between.

It’s also important to optimize the keywords themselves. Before choosing keywords for your business, research similar competitors on the app store to see which keywords they’re using. You can then base your keywords on the most successful apps available on the app store.

Use Screenshots

Your design team and app developers have probably put a ton of work into your new business app. Why not visually showcase your beautifully designed business app by including screenshots in the app store?

Not only do screenshots give customers a firsthand look at your app’s design, they can also be used to explain some of your app’s features. Just make sure you show the functionality of your business app and not just splash screens.

Showcasing the great features and intuitive layout of your app with screenshots will definitely help boost visibility.

Market Your App

The app store isn’t the only way you can spread the word about your new business app. There are a number of marketing avenues you can take including social media as well as promoting the app on your own website and blog.

Creating Facebook posts and Twitter updates surrounding the release of your new app will increase visibility. Additionally, including a press release on your business website and blog posts leading up to the app’s release will also get customers interested.

When you’re ready to grab attention with your new app, keep the visibility tips above in mind.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including app development and business marketing.