Know How to Close the Deal with Your Sales Efforts

salesClosing a sale is always a good thing, but have you considered your sales ratio? While closing a deal is a cause for celebration, that celebration may be cut short when you look at the numbers.

This analysis can provide you with information that shows which sales people are succeeding and which methods are working, but it can also show you who and what are not working.

As a result, examining sales ratios is a very important component in terms of marketing, advertising, and general product or service production.

Think of the Sale Process Like Dating and Marriage

In the article, “Popping the question – ensuring a good close ratio,” the author points out that the sales process is much like dating, leading up to a marriage proposal.

You wouldn’t simply walk up to an attractive person on the street and propose marriage, right? Of course not!

Instead, you would cultivate the relationship for the long haul, ensuring that you and the other person were a good fit and that you were able to deliver on all of the things desired and promised.

The same is true in a sales relationship. You have to work hard to provide the nurturing required in order of getting a commitment.

How Can You Do This?

In order to improve your sales ratio, there are a number of things you can do, but all of them revolve around showing you care.

Just like in the dating example above, showing true care for a potential customer’s business is the key. This is why traditional marketing is falling by the wayside in favor of experiential marketing and social media.

These two approaches allow your brand to truly reach out to consumers in a way that’s personal. In the past, a simple billboard would do, but today, people want brands to demonstrate a clear and devoted effort toward earning business.

Developing a Sales Relationship

The way to show you care is through reaching out. Whether this is done through a regularly updated Facebook page, an interactive display at a festival or anywhere in between, your goal is to truly reach out to consumers and potential customers in ways that leave them with experiences.

The more you connect through experiences, the stronger your brand’s sales are likely to be. With this, you should experience a higher sales-to-non-sales ratio when evaluating success.

Keep in mind that it is important to continually track the data on any campaign that your brand engages in.

Doing so will help your marketing team to understand what has worked and not worked in order to be more successful and competitive in the future.

About the Author: Andrew Rusnak is an author who writes on topics that include sales, marketing, and social media.