Technology + Learning = New Opportunities

tabletsTechnology is paving the way for new learning methods in the classroom, which is exactly where iPads come into play.

More and more teachers across the country are using iPads in the classroom to help keep kids interested and engaged in the learning process.

Here are just a few ways both you and your children can benefit from iPad learning:

Learning Flexibility

With teachers pulling information from sources other than just textbooks, the classroom is quickly becoming an increasingly flexible learning environment. This is just one reason why iPads make the perfect learning companion.

Students can expand on their research skills, take advantage of online resources, and connect with classmates and instructors all from one easy to use device.

In addition to research and communication, iPads offer unlimited learning apps that cover just about every curriculum.

Increased Engagement

Getting students interested in learning is a challenge for both teachers and parents alike. Kindergarteners through high school seniors are already accustomed to tablet technology because they use it in their everyday lives.

For example, more and more parents are letting their younger children play early developmental games on iPads.

Likewise, middle and high school students use iPads for social networking and gaming. This familiarity and interest in tablets naturally increases engagement when iPads are used in the classroom.

From homework assignments to the introduction of new curriculums, the interactive, immersive learning apps that iPads provide help inspire students to learn, participate, and engage.

As the following article looks at, student engagement is 1 of the 5 benefits of iPad math apps and other learning apps.


Gone are the days when students had to lug around backpacks full of heavy, outdated textbooks.

That’s right, with iPads in the classroom; your children no longer have to bring numerous books and materials to school with them. This adds a level of portability to the learning environment, which is beneficial to students as well as you, the parent.

When equipped with iPads, your children are unencumbered by learning materials, which means they can take their learning with them wherever they go – even family vacations.

Not all schools allow students to take classroom iPads home with them at the end of the day. However, they usually give each student a login to their own personal classroom dashboard.

These learning dashboards are accessible from anywhere, which allows students to continue their online learning from any Internet capable device.

File Sharing

With the file sharing capabilities that iPads provide, teachers can send homework assignments and reading materials to students even after the bell rings.

In addition, your children can turn in homework assignments digitally, which reduces the chances of them losing their homework on the way to school.

Technology is the Future

Computer and mobile technology is the future. By equipping students with technology skills now, they will be better prepared to take on the real world, which will be even more technologically advanced by the time your children graduate.

Mobile devices such as iPads will give your children the tech skills and software knowhow they need for the business world of tomorrow.

From increased engagement to learning flexibility, it’s plain to see why iPads are making the grade in classrooms nationwide.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including technology and education.