Technology Giving Property Managers a Solid Lease on Success

realestateIf you’re in the property management industry, then you already know how complicated it is to juggle multiple properties at once.

Fortunately, there are a number of property management software programs available that will make managing your rental units a breeze.

With masterful management in mind, here are just a few ways property management software can help you run your business:

Web-Based Payments

One of the hardest parts of a property manager’s job is handling tenant payments.

This is especially the case when tenants pay by check and mail their payments in. When your tenants mail-in their rent, it increases the chances of late payments and takes time out of your day to deposit multiple rent checks.

With the right property management software, you can accept rent payments online.

Likewise, most property management software even sends reminders to your tenants when rent is due.

You can also set up a debit system within the property management software that automatically withdraws rent payments from your tenants’ bank accounts each month.

Applications and Tenant Screening

Finding the right tenants for your properties is an important part of the property management process.

As the following article looks at, that’s why most property management software on the market offers the ability to screen potential tenants during the application process.

Once an application is submitted through the property management software, you can automatically screen each application, perform background checks, and even perform a credit check. Applications that meet your criteria will move to the top of the list where you can then move on to checking references.

Application and tenant screening efficiency like this helps reduce your vacancy rates and helps expedite turnovers, which is hugely beneficial with any property management business.

Advertising Vacancies

Vacant rental properties are money out the window, which is why it’s so important to fill your vacancies as quickly as possible. Most property management software on the market allows you to automate the rental marketing and advertising process.

You can create multiple rental listings using property management software and post those listings to your rental website.

Additionally, you can also automatically post your listings to local sites like Craigslist.

Once your property is rented, the software will automatically remove the listing from your available properties and re-post it once it’s available again.

Hassle-Free Maintenance Requests

If you think part of your job as a property manager is handling maintenance calls all hours of the day and night, think again. With the right property management software, you can accept as well as respond to maintenance requests online any time of the day.

You can base online requests on urgency, which allows you handle major issues first. Likewise, you can set up the software to give you instant maintenance notifications for urgent issues.

Property management software also allows you to track the status of all maintenance requests, which gives you a better idea of potential completion dates.

Anywhere Accessibility

Property management software and all the features that go along with it exist online. This means you can access rental property information from anywhere – even while you’re showing a property.

Additionally, most property management software features tenant portals, which allow your tenants to submit rental payments and maintenance requests from anywhere as well.

If you’re ready to streamline the property management process, consider some of the benefits of property management software.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including property management and management software.