The Mobility of Today’s Job Searches

social_diningIn our day-to-day to activities, convenience is huge. People pay others to walk their dogs, clean their houses and cook their meals.

Consumers shop online, order food online and have their books delivered from online stores, often virtually.

The more things that can be handled via mobile devices – the better – right? And job searching is one of them.

Going the Mobile Route

According to an article on, 78% of people in the U.S. would apply to jobs on their mobile devices. People of all ages are searching for jobs on their mobile devices, as well as applying for them.

With mobile job application, the recruiters and hiring managers have to be mobile, too. The article, “Mobile Recruiting; Reaching IT Talent Where It’s At” discusses the importance of making your site mobile friendly so those job seekers can access your site and get their applications in easily.

You don’t want to miss out on a great candidate because they couldn’t apply through their mobile device to your company.

Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

Here are some things you can do to make sure your company’s site is mobile-friendly:

  • Make sure your site is easy to navigate on a mobile device – Because things tend to take a little longer in the mobile route, you want fewer pages to go through and less clicking. You don’t want a great applicant to give up on your site because it was too time consuming to get through an application;
  • Accept LinkedIn profiles instead of resumes – You can always request a resume or more information later, but by checking out a professional profile on social media, you can get a good look at a candidate and it’s easier on the candidate;
  • Use text to communicate with the candidate and let them know where they are in the process – This is easy for everyone and works that convenience factor;
  • Consider a video interview – This could be for an initial interview to save everyone time, and a person to person interview could come as the next step, or a video interview could be a secondary interview with another team member. Again, it’s using a mobile device to the full extent and working that convenience factor even more.

Avoid Barriers

Sure these are great tips for IT hiring, but they also transfer to most any other field. Because there are barriers to applying via mobile device for jobs, you want to make it as easy as possible for candidates.

Some of the barriers include small screens, the number of clicks and wait time, and uploading resumes and other information. The above tips help combat most of these and make things easier.

The attraction to a mobile job application and applying via mobile device is convenience.

You can always request more information and have that face to face interview, but a mobile application can save everyone a lot of time upfront. After all, it’s very convenient.

About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer who covers topics relating to job interviews, small business and social media.

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