Are You #Developing The Next Big #App?

mobileIt seems like everyone uses a smartphone these days, and whether it be Apple’s iPhone, an Android variant, or something else, smartphones are quickly becoming valuable tools to process information and connect businesses and consumers.

While you may have optimized your online content for mobile, have you developed a personalized app for your business?

If not, your company could be losing out on plenty of revenue throughout the year.

Why Develop an App?

A personalized app for your business is a way to not only speak directly to the customer or consumer, but it’s also a way to keep your business in the forefront of the consumer’s purchasing decisions.

For example, if you provide a free app for customers, they will be more likely to see your company’s name, logo, and branding each time they use their phone.

Likewise, an app makes it more convenient for on-the-go consumers to have access to purchasing options. In today’s mobile society, this can be a huge advantage over the competition.

Finding an App Developer

In the article, “Thought Leader Series: Follow These Steps to Begin Licensed App Development,” there are a number of important points made, including tips for finding the right developer for your company’s app.

The author makes mention of hiring a team of development professionals who have experience, but you also need to consider other factors.

Experience is great, but you want to find someone who understands not only your specific business, but also who will bring your vision to life.

Someone who understands user experience, or UX, is your best bet, and you should also look for someone who is ready and willing to look at the overall brand strategy instead of just creating the app on a project basis.

Updating Customers Using Your App

One important aspect of providing an app for customers is that it has the potential to provide regular updates to consumers and customers.

For instance, when someone downloads your company’s app, give that person the option to receive updates when new products, services, or events are announced. In doing so, the user will be able to stay connected, even when they aren’t directly using the app.

Once again, this keeps your brand at the forefront of the consumer’s mind instead of your competition. Keep in mind that you should provide an opt-out feature for updates, and don’t send updates too often.

In addition, know federal and state laws regarding digital communication and spam before creating an automatic update feature.

About the Author: Andrew Rusnak is an author who writes on topics that include app development and social media.