The Right Hires Can Make All the Difference

people_potentialjpgThe hiring process can make or break a business. This is probably why so many business owners look to successful companies like Google to learn more about their hiring methodology and apply those strategies to their business.

But before you start formulating the ideal interviewing format or sample tests, it’s vital to understand why hiring the right people can take your business from good to great.

Impact on Company Culture

The right new hire will not only excel at the responsibilities of their new position, but they should be a valuable contributor to the overall company culture.

Hiring based on nepotism or cronyism can torpedo a company’s overall morale whereas truly fresh hires can reinvigorate a team’s enthusiasm and positive attitude.

As the lines between work and life continue to blur, it’s more important than ever that you hire people you actually want to spend time with.

Value of Diversity

New hires are also the ideal opportunity to infuse diversity into your team.

When you have more representation within your staff, you’re getting a more diverse set of perspectives that lead to innovation you wouldn’t otherwise achieve.

Likewise, if you have diversity internally, your employees can help stop preventable PR gaffes by calling attention to potential insensitivity in things like your marketing campaigns.


As technology evolves, so should business.

The right new hire will be a person that understands this fact and makes a concerted effort to stay curious about how they can further develop their skills.

As the article, ā€œPeople Are the Soul of Every Organizationā€ points out an experimental spirit within your team can boost technological development.

Whether it’s learning social media strategy or mastering a coding language, the right hire will want to take their personal development and infuse that back into your business.

Team Players

One of the biggest fears of hiring managers is finding a genius candidate with boundless talent that can’t play well with others.

The right hire will undoubtedly have a stellar resume, but they’ll also have the capability to be a team player.

Putting in the effort to hire one of these candidates can even help you retain the talent you already have on staff that may be on the fence about staying with your company for the long haul.


On the most practical level, finding the right hires is essential to keep your company great because it saves money. High turnover and constant hiring and firing prove costly.

Posting job listings and hiring recruiters can drain resources and conducting interviews is time-consuming for your staff, especially upper management. Getting hires right the first time around helps the bottom line.

While cracking the code for the perfect interview is still in the works, one thing is for certain.

Hiring the right candidates from the get-go can save companies time, money, and headaches.

About the Author: Kristin Livingstone writes on a variety of topics including hiring and business development.