Planning Your Onsite Fitness Center

Whether you’re planning on incorporating an on-site fitness center in your office building, a residential apartment complex, or any other location, it’s important to choose the right design plan.


Fortunately, there are a number of ways a fitness management company can help you throughout the design and decision-making process.

Equipment Capacities

One of the biggest factors in designing a fitness facility is the amount of room required to house your fitness equipment. This is exactly where a fitness management company comes into play.

The right management company will help you choose the most ideal fitness equipment for just about any sized space.

From large, dedicated facilities to small, multi-purpose community rooms, management companies can give you pointers on choosing equipment that allows you to optimize the amount of space you have available.

Equipment Type

Once you know what kind of fitness equipment your space can handle, you then need to choose the type of equipment you want to include in your fitness facility. Fitness management companies can assist you in choosing equipment that’s best suited for the clientele you’ll ultimately serve.

For example, elliptical and weight machines are ideal for older users where weight assistance, safety features, and controlled movements are necessary.

For younger fitness clients, free weights are usually a better choice. Or, you could even include a mix of the two.

As the following article looks at, choosing the right fitness equipment is just 1 of 5 reasons to hire a fitness management company when designing your facility.

The right management company will ensure you choose fitness equipment that all of your clients can use.

Facility Layout

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best layout for your fitness facility. Sure, space is always a consideration, but you also want to keep the flow of your facility in mind.

Does one workout area naturally flow into the next? Will you create “traffic jams” on busy days when clients are walking between rooms? Fitness management companies can help you come up with a logical layout for your facility.

For example, making sure your clients don’t have to walk through the cardio room to get from the free weights to the weight machines is all part of a proper layout.

Fitness management companies are expertly trained in designing the most appropriate layout for any given fitness space.

General Maintenance

There is a lot of wear and tear that fitness equipment goes through each day, which can make general maintenance a full-time job.

Most fitness management companies take care of all the necessary facility and equipment maintenance. This is a major benefit, especially if your facility is simply an add-on to a larger business.

Equipment Updates

Providing the most up to date fitness equipment should be a priority at your facility.

Fitness management companies keep track of the latest fitness advancements and can recommend the best free weight, elliptical, and weight machine equipment to house in your facility.

If you’re thinking about opening a gym or small-scale fitness facility, then consider hiring a fitness management company.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including fitness and gym ownership.