Add up the Advantages of iPad Apps

ipad_appsThese days it’s not unusual to see a cart full of iPad’s in a classroom in any given school. It’s also becoming common practice for employers to give their employees an iPad to use for work.

Why is this becoming such a c common theme?

Basically, an iPad has some incredible uses – its apps are becoming increasingly useful and beneficial to students and adults alike.

How Do Students Benefit from iPads in the Classroom?

It’s not just a luxury to work from an iPad in a classroom anymore; it’s becoming more and more essential.

From writing prompts to geography to math apps, students can really benefit from the use of iPads and apps.


In the math classroom, iPad’s are increasingly useful.

Take a look at these 5 Benefits of iPad Math Apps:

  • Increased speed and fluency – By taking timed quizzes, kids can increase speed and fluency with basic math computation.
  • View tutorials when kids are stuck – Some kids just need a bit more or a bit different explanation. Through apps and tutorials, they can learn different math strategies to increase understanding.
  • Work the process, not just find the answer – With apps, the process can be more easily understood. Deeper learning comes from not just finding the answer, but finding the process.
  • Graphing – Students can turn data into graphs and see how that works. From creating the graph themselves to plugging in information and having a graph appear in front of them, it all increases learning and understanding.
  • Games – Kids often learn through games. With some math apps taking the form of video games, interest is increased, therefore learning is, too.

Other Subjects

  • Apps are great for testing geography knowledge through quizzes and improved presentations.
  • Science benefits through data graphing and watching experiments.
  • Apps help with writing through prompts, word counts, editing tools and spell check.


What about in the business world? How are iPads helping adults at work?

With the ease and portability of iPads, they are becoming an essential tool in the workplace. Here are some ways…

  • Presentations and graphs – iPads offer a great visual addition to presenting information to customers or colleagues.
  • Conferencing – With apps, iPads become great tools for video conferencing which can help you be more efficient at work. Meetings can still be face to face, but no one has to go anywhere or use up any extra time.
  • Keeping expenses and other data – With different apps, employees can easily track expenses and other data. Information is all in one place and easily accessible on an iPad.

With the cost of iPads becoming more reasonable, and more schools are funding them through foundations and private donors, iPads in school and at work are becoming a common tool.

They provide great benefits and offer much more than photo booth and candy crush!

About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer who covers topics related to social media, education and small business.