Should You Start Advertising With Google AdWords?

It’s a well-known fact Google AdWords offers an array of practical PPC marketing options. You can advertise on the Google search engine, of course. But, you can also advertise on their display network – sites that show Google ads on their pages. You can even advertise products in the Shopping tab of Google through AdWords.

That all sounds brilliant. But, is Google AdWords something you should invest your time and money in? The answer is yes, as long as you bear the following in mind:

You have a budget to spend on PPC marketing

Google AdWords isn’t free. It can be cheap if you do low volumes of advertising. You need to allocate some money to your PPC marketing budget if you use AdWords.

You need to do proper research

As with anything in life, research is fundamental to ensuring a good outcome. You need to research the relevant keywords and target audience for your website.

You must also do plenty of testing

Some might say this is a marketing “secret”, but actually, it’s common knowledge. You should have variations of your landing pages to find out which ones offer the best results. Check out the infographic below that talks more about A/B testing:

It’s also important to run variations of your ads too. That way, you can pause the ones that don’t deliver many results. And you can spend the money on the ones that do.

You must analyse your results

Last, but not least, it’s important to do something with your PPC campaign data. That way, you can refine your future campaigns and better target your audience.

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