Small Business? Use These Big Tools!


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In the vast world of big business, having the right tech is incredibly important. In many ways, it is as important as going for the right staff, as picking the best tech for what your business needs will help make so many processes that much easier. Even picking the wrong ones can be a big hindrance to how your company progresses, so here are some of the basics that are used a lot by big companies.

Landing Page Tools

Small businesses suffer when it comes to cost, and so they can’t afford to invest in a top of the range web designer. Having the right landing page tools helps to bridge that gap. There are many custom forms and templates built into these tools, and you can test the pages before they go live, it is a great method to make sure that your site is as user-friendly and money saving as it can possibly be.

Scheduling Software

There are lots of tools and software you can use to keep motivated, whether it is a basic app, or scheduling software reminding you on a regular basis to update a marketing plan or to schedule a meeting, you can keep all your business movements in one place.


This is Electronic Data Interchange. Put simply, this is a way to make data transfer as quick and painless as possible. If you need to move information between companies, this is one of the best ways without shelling out money for big shipment charges! The data for EDI needs to be in a specific “language” which will need to be converted by a specialist or the right expert IT support, or you can purchase software to help with this too.

The Cloud

As a storage provider, you cannot go far wrong to beat the cloud! As many businesses have now moved over to this type of storage rather than just keeping their information stored on their in-house computers, you don’t see many companies go back! Not only is it a healthy way to keep information stored due to the amount of protection you will have, but it also saves your business money by powering itself down when it is not being used.

A Server

Choosing the right server will depend on the amount of information you need to process on a daily basis. If you are processing tons and plan on processing more as the business gets bigger, then opting for a larger server will be the best option for you. Just make sure you have lots of space to house your server.

Trading Apps

In the world of the mobile app, you can keep tabs on the market on the move. You barely need to get out of bed! Having the best trading apps at the tips of your fingers serves you well to keep abreast of market changes, exchange rates, and trends. Keeping in the loop has never been more important, and now you can wherever you are.



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