5 Highly Coveted Skills Sought By Employers



If 2017 is the year you go for your dream job, make sure you brush up on the following skills.

  1. Business Acumen

This is quite a general term, but it covers a lot of ground. Having a solid business acumen suggests you are not only familiar with the industry but with business practices in general. Much of this comes from experience, but having a good educational background also helps. If you feel a lack of confidence in some areas, now is the time to brush up on your training.

  1. Communication And Interpersonal Skills

Good communication skills are necessary for the majority, if not all, jobs. This covers a wide area and includes written and verbal skills. Being a good communicator means that you can communicate with different people at different levels, whether face-to-face, on the phone, by email, social media, or letter, etc. It also covers working with colleagues, management, clients, and other key stakeholders.

If you have found this difficult in the past or if you have difficult relationships, it might be time to brush up on your communication skills.

  1. Analytics

We live in a world where data is created, curated and analyzed constantly. Many job descriptions include the ability to collect and analyze data and report on key findings. This varies widely from analyzing website traffic to spotting patterns and trends. It becomes even more complex where big data is concerned. One thing we can be certain about is that data will continue to grow at an accelerated rate. Having the skills to work with this will, therefore, be an asset. Training from Simplilearn and other providers will equip you with the skills you need to make an impact.

  1. Social Media

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. It’s also likely to evolve in ways we never imagined. Ignoring this prominent trend is no longer an option. Nor is ‘doing a bit of Twitter’ here and there. It is no longer confined to the younger generation. To grow and achieve their full potential, businesses need to embrace the power of social media. Having a knowledge of the various networks and how to create and share quality content is vital. And it doesn’t stop there. Platforms, trends, and people change quickly. As well as being informed about the current social media landscape, it’s also necessary to be aware of emerging trends.

  1. Content Creation

Content has always been important. We’ve had TV ads, magazine articles, etc. for many years. What has changed is the type of content we create and consume and how it is shared. Good quality content helps achieve the following:.

  • Builds loyal communities
  • Creates trust and brand authority
  • Opens up communication channels
  • Improves SEO
  • Adds value to your offering

Content is not just about words. It’s important to have the ability to create and curate a variety of content including photographs, vector images, banners, infographics, video content, email newsletters, social media posts, web pages, etc.

In addition to the specific skills required for the industry you’re about to enter it, it is also important to possess these universal skills. If you ignore the trends, chances are your competitors won’t, decreasing your employability and the roles available to you.