Finding Your Marketing Match as a Business Owner Just Got Easier

You already know that influencer marketing has proven immensely successful in helping you garner support for your business without having to scare anyone away with tons of ads. But do you know how to find just the right influencer marketer for you?

That’s exactly what former director for Famebit, Rob Ilas, has been working on lately. A company called Soulmates AI is the result.

What Is it?

To summarize, the company uses a combination of AI, machine learning, and social science to figure out what innovative influencer marketing techniques and organizations work best for the businesses that are looking for one.

It’s like having a dating website for businesses and marketing companies. Since social scientist and co-founder of EHarmony, Dr. J Galen Buckwalter has contributed to the project, that’s an especially apt description.

How Is It Done?

The technology analyzes conversational content, speech patterns, and even emotions to figure out what influencer market is best suited to the needs, style, and target consumer base of a given company. It greatly simplifies the process of partnering up with marketers with businesses, which is favorable, for instance, when planning how to use influencer marketing for a networking event.

Thank goodness for that. We all know how hard it can be for businesses to date marketer after marketer trying to find a nice, dependable one that produces a spark. After all, so many of them are only after one thing! (Your money, that is.)

What Next?

In all seriousness, though, this new technology is set to revolutionize influencer marketing for everyone, so you have questions to ask yourself.

  • What is the sentiment driving the idea behind your business? Once you can answer that, it will be easier to search for a corresponding driving sentiment in a marketer.
  • How do you like to address your customers and try to convince new ones to buy from you? You need to know so that you can be matched up with someone who can reach your target audience in the ways that you know will catch and keep their attention.
  • What exactly is your niche? The more specific, the better. You need a marketer who precisely understands what you do and how to help other people realize how much they need or want it.

Figuring out your influencer marketing “soul mate” has certainly gotten much easier, thanks to Soulmates AI, but you’ve still got to have a firm grasp of your identity before you can take full advantage of it. Give it some thought, then hurry up and get on the influencer marketing train. You have no time to lose.