Careers in the Music Industry – From Live Events to Movie Soundtracks

Fancy leaping into the world of music? There are some great careers to explore, and you don’t need to have a particular set of qualifications to make it work for you. The most important thing is a love of music, some connections (or the ability to make connections quickly), a little bit of business sense, and a firm grasp of the career you want. This article will be looking at a few of the job options in music and a little bit of what they entail. From live events to commercials.

Record Label – long gone are the days where a record label had to be heavily funded and behind giant golden doors. You can now start a record label with around $25 online. Due to music become very digital, purchasing an online record label (with all the right documents) means you can sign bands up to your label and help them aggregate their music via digital channels. Of course you will need to be clear about the division of rights and revenue, but that will be part and parcel of your success.

Band Management – This one can often get a little muddy, as a band manager you become so close to the band sometimes you aren’t really able to keep a clear grasp on what is best for them regarding deals. You will be their go-to person, handle their scheduling, focus on long-term goals, and be the mediator between labels and the band. With the bands best interested always at the forefront of your mind.

Tour Manager – You will be the person in charge of where, when and how many locations. Handling both small, medium and grand scale tours for the band. Ensuring that each venue has the appropriate gear and if not, using places like to cover any gaps. You will get to travel a lot but work hard too.

PR – behind every successful band is a public relations machine. Ensuring that everything they do, and anything that the release is picked up by the press, both local and eventually national. Part and parcel of this will also be fending off the less good news and spinning it into something the band can use to their advantage. Creating press kits, writing press releases and gaining contacts by the masses is how you’ll spend your days.

Booking Agent – A cross between a manager and a tour manager. Booking agents are responsible for getting their act scheduled in good venues, on high impact evenings with great support, and nicely paid. This job is about your connections, your ability to negotiate and who is on your books. Planning and organization will be your strong points.

Music Publisher – Incredibly lucrative if done well. You’ll sign multiple songwriters of high quality, and pitch their lyrics to labels, and artists. You might also be signing bands or solo artists in a bid to get their tracks in movies, on TV programmes, and in commercials. Cutting a deal involving residual revenue per play can make this a delightful deal indeed. You’ll have a keen ear for talent and a relentless spirit to make this a success.