Simple Ways To Impress Your Job Candidates

Here’s the thing about the hiring process. While job candidates will be doing all they can to impress you – writing a well-constructed resume, dressing smartly at a job interview, bribing you with a basket of fruit (possibly) – you also have to do all you can to impress them.It’s a two-way process, and because there is a shortage of skilled-labor, you need to be at the top of your game if you want to snap up the best of the best before your competition gets hold of them.

So, where do you start?

It begins before the recruitment process. Before a person applies for a job with you, they might weigh up the pros and cons of working for you. They might check out your website, for example, and they might consider your competitors as a comparison. Therefore, do all you can to attract the attention of possible candidates, such as posting images of your happy workforce online, and sharing positive comments from your employees on your website, social media channels, and employee review sites. The work you do at the beginning will increase your chances of attracting the best employees to your business. Then, when the recruitment process does begin, you will need to consider the following.

It continues with your preparation. After shortlisting potential candidates from the mass of applications you may have received, you then need to start preparing for interview day. When you’re inviting somebody to attend an  interview, consider the following advice on recruitment emails, as you want your initial communication to look and sound professional, and consider ringing the applicant beforehand, to give an initial greeting and thank you for applying. Include any important details within your communications, such as a hint about what to wear, and directions on how to find you. Then start to prepare your interview questions, ensuring that they are both relevant to the job and not something that might put off your candidates. Which leads us onto the next step.

You then need to be prepared on interview day. You wouldn’t like it if an interviewee stumbled into the interview room late, ill-prepared for the questions you asked, and dressed as if they had just left home in a hurry. First impressions are everything, and the same applies to you.Wear suitable attire for the interview, be that formal or smart-casual, dependent on whatever you expect the candidate to wear. Do your research by reading through the candidate’s resume thoroughly. And have everything you need at hand, such as the relevant paperwork, so you aren’t fumbling around when the candidate walks in. Then prepare yourself mentally, so as the candidate meets you, he/she will know that they are in safe hands, and not with somebody who is as anxious as they are and all in a fluster.


On meeting the candidate.  Be polite and welcoming. Offer a firm (but not vice-like) handshake and invite them to sit down. Offer them a glass of water,as this may help to calm their nerves, and use these other tips to relax your candidate. The more relaxed and comfortable they are, the better you will feel too. Be sure to smile, offer a little bit of small talk, perhaps related to something you have picked up from their resume (as this will show you have at least spent time reading through it), and then start the interview process.Remember that they might still be nervous, despite your best efforts to relax them, so reassure them when you need too, and be patient when listening to their questions. Good body language helps too, as you do need to show the applicant that you are fully present when talking to them. Then, when it comes time to answer your candidate’s questions, be prepared to answer honestly. You expect it from them, so offer the same.Assuming they have done their homework, they might ask about your company’s finances or targets for the coming year, so don’t lie in an effort to please them, but rather be truthful so as to engage their trust.

Think about the final stages. After the interview has completed, offer to show the candidate around. Let them know more about the workplace, and familiarize them with what might be expected of them. Encourage conversation with your other employees; as if they are happy working for you,they might inspire your candidate to choose your company for their employment.When it comes time to leave, offer a thank you and a smile, and then let them know as soon as possible about your decision. Hopefully, if they are suitably impressed with you and your business, they might gladly accept the job if you offer it. But if they don’t accept the job, be polite and maybe ask them why.The feedback will be useful, and your politeness will ensure they don’t badmouth you to another candidate.

So, if you are in the process of hiring somebody soon, consider our advice. The more you can do to impress them throughout the recruitment process, the better your chances of snagging the top candidates from the pile.

 Let us know what you think, and share any ideas you may have with us!