Most Exciting Benefits to Offer Your Employees this Year

Your employees work hard to keep your business successful and your brand at it’s very best. Show them how grateful you are for their endeavors by giving them benefits that they will actually appreciate and utilize. Not only will your current staff appreciate it, but it will encourage enticing prospects to seek employment with your company. 

If you’re stumped over the best ideas for your employee benefits, read on. After our time in the business world, we’ve acquired quite a few favorites.

The Extreme Importance of Good Healthcare

Not only is offering your employees a good healthcare package beneficial for them, it helps your business as well. After all, a physically and mentally healthy employee will work more efficiently and effectively than one who is worn down and unable to fix it.

When searching for potential employers, many qualified job applicants gravitate towards companies that offer comprehensive health insurance packages that include more than just the basics. Dental insurance and vision coverage, for example, are necessities for many. By offering a health care package that offers these additional aspects to your employees, you are bound to have a happy team.

Everybody Loves Work Perks

Who doesn’t love a good set of perks?

Many companies offer their hard-working employees fun “perks” to thank them for their contributions to the business. These can be a fun way to show your brand’s culture to your employees,  and give your team a much deserved chance to level out their work/play balance.

Whether you offer your employees a catered lunch every Friday, organize fun team outings, travel discounts, or a company car, your crew will certainly appreciate it. This is also a great chance to talk to your crew and find out what they might want as perks—try making an anonymous “perk suggestion” box and taking stock of what the team is hoping for.  

Paid Time off Gives your Employees Much Needed R&R

Paid time off is an important part of any salaried position. It allows your team members to take a much-deserved break from their hard work without worrying that their vacation will cost them financially. This also applies for sick days— is there anything worse than being sick and worrying about money at the same time?

Paid time off is a crucial way of maintaining the physical and mental wellbeing of your staff. It also gives your employees the the agency to make their own decisions— if they need to take a day off, they can. (They are full grown adults, after all.)

Alternately, this benefits you, the employer, as well—offering your team paid time off helps to avoid unscheduled absences, as well as employees telling you little white lies to get the time off they need and deserve.  

Protect your Team from Identity Theft and Save on Taxes

Your team works hard for the money that you’re paying them. You certainly wouldn’t want that to go into the wrong hands, would you?

Identity theft is a terrifyingly common problem across the United States. After all, in our modern society, we have become increasingly comfortable with our data being entered into a computer or digital cache without second thought. However, a seasoned hacker can easily access this information if they want it— and wreak havoc on the lives of whoever’s information they can mine. 

Identity theft can destroy a person’s credit, throw them into years of debt, and (unsurprisingly) have intense emotional repercussions. Obviously, you don’t want this disaster to happen to your wonderful staff!

In recently years, many companies have begun offering their staff identity theft protection as an employee benefit. This is a tax deductible expense for businesses to offer their employees, and it provides an incredibly useful service. It will help both you and your team rest easily that their money and identity remains theirs, and theirs alone. 

Sam Casteris is a small business owner and freelance writer operating out of Phoenix, AZ. You can find more of her work on Contently.