How to keep your boilers safe for industrial employees

For many industrial companies, a boiler is central to the function of the equipment and the operations of the shop itself. For any that work prominently within the industry, therefore, it’s important to know the best practices and safety standards for the workers and their environment. Here are a few of the ways you can keep your boilers safe for your employees.

Install grilles

Boilers and similar equipment in any industry get extremely hot if they are functioning correctly. The metal surfaces on these objects have the potential to cause serious burns should someone accidentally touch them for any reason. Installing grilles over the surface of the boilers is a quick, relatively easy way to reduce the likelihood of an employee accidentally touching the hot surface. You should install them far enough out that they don’t become as hot as the boiler. This is especially important in areas where employees may need to maneuver around the boiler, pipes, or handle controls positioned closely to the hotter parts of the equipment.

Schedule inspections regularly

Regular inspections of your boilers is a great way to make sure they are working properly. A thorough inspection is important to know what maintenance needs to be done to prevent future problems. Regional safety codes often require regular inspections, especially in countries like the United States, Australia, and the UK. This includes all high pressure, heating, or cooling equipment. Qualified professionals can perform boiler, reactor, pressure vessel, or refrigeration vessel inspections and make you aware of any problems you need to fix. While most equipment types have similar needs in terms of inspection schedules, it’s important to be aware of any unique timelines suggested by the manufacturer.

Perform seasonal maintenance

Regular inspections are great, but they might not do you much good unless you maintain your industrial boilers. In most cases, you should only need to do some work on this equipment seasonally. Go through your master checklist of maintenance points and make appropriate repairs where necessary to ensure that you are operating above recommended safety standards. Malfunctions with industrial equipment are even more dangerous than in other industries, with so many elements kept under high pressure and extreme temperatures abounding. As part of your maintenance checks, ensure that any old or worn parts are repaired or replaced before they can come close to creating hazardous conditions.

Supply safety gear

Of course, inspections and maintenance won’t always catch every failure. Every employee, therefore, should be equipped with protective gear when working around industrial machinery of any kind, especially those involved with extreme pressure or temperature. Industrial-grade gloves can project their hands and lower arms from unexpected blasts of heat or cold, or from accidentally bumping against hot or cold surfaces. Industrial goggles and helmets are also essential when working around industrialized equipment in the event that steam or even solid objects are launched by the pressurized equipment. Protective clothing, solid boots, and ear covers are other basics that many industries implement for the protection of their employees.

Industrial-grade boilers can be hazardous if they are not properly maintained or precautions aren’t put in place. However, following best business practices in terms of equipment safety can protect your employees and reduce company liability. Take the time to ensure thorough safety measures are implemented so that all employees have a safe work environment.

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