Don’t Be Trippin’: 3 Secure Tips to Hide Cords around the Office

Technology is a wonderful thing. It makes you more productive, and it also allows your business to be more effective and profitable in the long run. Running the office is where it all begins, and that often requires a lot of pesky cords. It seems that just about everything today requires electricity or another form of power of one sort or another. This can cause quite the trip hazard in the office if you are not careful, not to mention the eyesore it becomes as well. Thankfully, there are solutions. Here are three secure tips to help you hide cords around the office.

Purchase Cord Cover Mats

This is particularly useful in larger offices where you have many computers plugged in. Not everything can be plugged into a wall outlet, so you will inevitably have multiple extension cords operating in order to accommodate everyone. You need to get those wires hidden and safely out of the path of foot traffic. A cord cover mat can do this for you effectively. You will be able to use these to cover up your cords, giving you the power that you need, but without the tangled mess that used to ruin the look of your office. Make sure you add outlets near cubicles if you need to. Avoiding long extension cords across a room is a must for security and safety.

Install USB Outlets

It seems that just about every piece of technology today, particularly mobile devices, is powered in one way or another by USB. This is good news because the cords are pretty much universal, but it can get messy when there are many people in the office all using a USB cord. You will want to install USB outlets so that these devices can get the power that they need without cluttering up desks and other crevices around the office.

Make Use of Wall HDMI Outlets

More and more offices today are making use of high definition audio and visual equipment. These provide great pictures and sound, but they also require more than a few cables. With most televisions going on the wall these days, you want to do your best to get your HDMI cable plugged in there as well. A commercial electrician can help you with this, and your cables will be hidden in no time at all as a result. This will help your space look more professional.

If you will start with these three tips, then you will discover that your cords will be much less visible than they were when you started. This is important. Cords need to be secured around the office in order to minimize the risk of an accident. You also want your office to look great, and this is a great way to accomplish just that objective.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She enjoys Tennis and spending time with her family.