The 3 Truck Parts You Should Always Have on Hand for Your Fleet

Your business is heavily reliant on your fleet of trucks, so you cannot take any chances with automotive maintenance and repairs. All of your trucks should receive regular maintenance service as recommended by the manufacturer, and all repair issues should be addressed promptly before they turn into serious concerns. Even when you follow these steps, you may still stumble across situations that require immediate attention. When you keep these truck parts in stock at all times, you can decrease downtime and reduce stress.

Spare Tires

One of the more common repair issues that your commercial trucks may have is a flat tire. The truck tires endure tremendous force from the weight of the vehicle as well as friction against the road’s surface. They can wear out quickly, or they may be damaged by objects laying in the road. Spare tires should be available for all of your trucks so that you can quickly address the issue and get your drivers back to work.

Extra Batteries

Another auto part that commonly causes issues is the battery. Depending on the type of battery in the truck, you can expect it to last for at least a few years. However, weather conditions and other issues can impact a battery’s expected life. If you have not already located a commercial battery supplier, now is the time to do so. Keep multiple truck batteries in your warehouse at all times so that you can easily replace a battery when a situation develops. You may even replace truck batteries regularly before they stop working to avoid unnecessary delays.


Your trucks must have functional headlights and taillights at all times. Lightbulbs can burn out. Wiring may become damaged, and the exterior housing for the lights could be damaged. In addition to keeping a supply of lightbulbs in your inventory, consider storing a complete light fixtures in your warehouse as well. By doing so, you can easily address any lighting situation that your drivers could face.

When even one truck in your commercial fleet is out of commission for a short period of time, you may experience operational issues. You may also be faced with expensive repairs that otherwise may be avoided. If you do not already have these essential parts available to use at a moment’s notice, you may be setting yourself up for unnecessary stress. Analyze your fleet’s needs and common issues so that you can be prepared for any situation that could develop in the future.

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