Put Money Into Your Accounting Efforts

accountIf you’re trying to keep your business’s revenue stream on track, then having the right accountant on hand is a must. With the right accounting professional in place, your business can remain financially healthy for the long haul.

With fit finances in mind, here are a few things to consider when hiring the right accountant:

Inside vs. Outside Accountants

Before you delve into the hiring process, you need to first decide if your business needs an inside accountant who’s full-time or an outside accountant, such as someone from an accounting firm.

Most small to medium-sized businesses choose inside accountants because they are able to handle general account maintenance and daily transactions.

In addition, because inside accountants are on staff, they’re usually better equipped to manage your business’s cash and payroll needs.

However, if your business doesn’t have room for a full-time accountant or you just need periodic financial assistance, an outside accountant might be the solution.

Outside accountants who work for accounting firms are trained in tax preparation and general income statements, which may be all your business really needs.

Do You Need a CPA or CMA?

There are two main professions in the accounting world: certified public accountants (CPA) and certified management accountants (CMA). CPAs are the most common accountants in business organizations and all of their actions are regulated by the state.

CMAs are similar to CPAs, except they don’t have the same training backgrounds and also aren’t state-regulated. Both professions have a solid understanding of income tax law, but CMAs usually have a more complete understanding of business accounting.

The article “Medical Accounting Professionals: Understanding the Value of Experience” mentions the importance of a strong talent pool when choosing an accountant. Once you decide between CPA or CMA, there are some other qualities to look for in the right accountant.


Many accountants simply handle the books and not much else. Although this is perfectly acceptable, you’ll want to choose a candidate who is comfortable solving problems in a professional manner.

During the hiring process, you should ask the candidate how he or she would handle a company audit or a situation where company funds go missing.

Balancing the books when everything is in order is great, but handling tricky financial situations professionally is ideal.


Whether you choose an inside CPA or an outside CMA, you need to make sure candidates can handle anything your business throws their way.

Bookkeeping is a must, but what about analyzing loan and financing transactions or managing company investments? A well-rounded accountant should be able to offer a number of accounting services.

Continuing Education

Accountants are required to keep up with financial reporting processes and tax law by attending continuing education courses. Before you choose a candidate, make sure he or she is up-to-date with all continuing education.

An accountant who is aware of all changes and updates in accounting procedures will be better equipped to handle your business’s financial needs.

Likewise, they’ll also be basing their accounting decisions on the latest legislation and accounting guidelines.

Before you hire an accountant for your business, keep in mind the pointers above and make the right move.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including budgeting and accounting.

Careers in Demand Now and Beyond

It’s impossible to know exactly where the job market is headed, but there are ways to predict future career trends. If you’re on the job hunt or you’re interested in changing careers altogether, then it’s wise to set your sights on jobs that are in demand now.

careersIn order to help you choose the ideal line of work, here are five in demand career predictions for today’s job market and the job market of the future:

  1. Healthcare Professionals

The field of healthcare is and always will be an in demand career option. Not only are world populations continuously aging and thus in need of healthcare, but medical emergencies, viruses, and general care are all ongoing health factors as well.

From nurses and doctors to home health professionals and surgeons, healthcare professionals are in high demand across the country and world. As for background and education, home health aides and nurses require minimal schooling and/or certification.

On top of that, the healthcare industry has the largest number of high paying jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  1. Public and Business Accountants

Everyone needs help with their finances and as tax laws and business budgeting becomes more complicated, the need for certified accountants keeps rising. Accountants help financial managers, tax agencies, investors, and individuals allocate their financial resources to the proper areas.

Business accountants are in demand more than ever as the government cracks down on tax laws and investment strategies for businesses and corporations. And, considering tax season comes every year, Certified Public Accountants are always in demand in the public sector.

  1. Information Technology Professionals

Technology is always evolving and continuously changing the way the world communicates. Businesses, world markets, and individuals all benefit from technology, which is why an article on information technology shows why it is just one of “5 High demand career predictions” that are sure to provide jobs for the foreseeable future.

As technology continues to develop and the information and data that surrounds it continues to expand, the tech market will grow. This means professional IT positions such as computer programming and system administration will always have a place in the future job market.

  1. Software Developers

Technologically speaking, everything runs on one form of software or another. From operating systems to websites to smartphone apps, software makes the digital world go around. Because of this, software developers are in demand and new software careers are being created every day.

  1. Alternative Energy Professionals

Alternative forms of energy are the absolute future and wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric power industries are growing with each passing day. As the world turns its attention from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources, the renewable energy industry will become one of the highest demand job sectors on the market.

Solar power contractors, engineers, and sales careers are expanding as the technology behind alternative energy achieves new heights. Likewise, as wind, geothermal, and hydroelectric energies become more popular, new career paths will begin to emerge in the near and distant future as well.

If you’re looking for a cutting edge career that’s in demand now and will be in the future, then keep in mind the exciting career paths above.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including the job market and the environment.