4 Strategies to Improve the Culture of Your Construction Company

Construction companies are vital to society. People live, work, and play in buildings that are almost as varied as the human race. Because of the pivotal role buildings play in everyday life, it is paramount that those who erect these structures share the same foundational agendas. The culture of any construction company is instrumental in determining how well a project is perceived and executed. Here are four strategies to improve the culture of almost any construction company.

Invest in the Workforce

Employees are the best asset when it comes to construction. The more one invests in them, the more productive one’s company will become. A well-trained, highly-skilled workforce can increase efficiency. Investments in training and education allow for people to focus on tasks required of them and reduce time spent correcting mistakes on the job. Lastly, a smart, disciplined workforce can be trusted to complete the toughest of tasks, while ensuring quality results and a safe working environment.

Be Transparent and Honest

Corporate culture originates at the highest levels. Being open and honest with employees is one of the best ways to gain trust; allowing them to reciprocate the same fosters a relationship that can lead to heightened worker satisfaction and higher productivity. Workers tend to have in-depth, experience-based knowledge in specific areas that, when called upon, can help shed light on issues and processes that may need improvement.

Compensate and Reward

Recognizing hard work and dedication may be the most immediate way to upgrade the culture of a construction company. This can come in the form or pay raises, bonuses, vacation days, or paid time off. Insurance packages that charge reasonable rates are also a great way to honor an employee’s contributions. An attendance policy that promotes a healthy work-life balance will help to reduce the dreaded production killers of tardiness and absenteeism.

Prioritize Safety Over Success

Construction workers perform some of the most dangerous work in our society, sometimes putting their lives on the line at the highest altitudes, the lowest depths, and the harshest environments our world has to offer. Promoting worker safety demonstrates to your employees that they are cared for. Secure harnessing, scaffolding, protective equipment, and signage in work zones are visual indicators that safety comes first. Empowering workers to call out safety concerns also serves to increase vigilance throughout the construction project. 

Implementing these four strategies to improve a construction company’s culture will help advance the civil engineering industry. Employees will trust the business’s mission, embody its values, and promote its accomplishments. Company culture should be taken seriously, as a positive one will help attract talented, hard-working people, and extend business as far as the I-beams can stretch.

Guest author, Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. She went to college at The Ohio State University where she studied communications. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and long walks in the park with her 3-year-old husky Snowball.  @LizzieWeakley

A Small Business Is A Combination Of These 6 Factors

No matter what your small business is trading in, there are some essentials that you definitely need to take on board first. Starting up a small business is both exciting and terrifying in equal measures. Either way, it definitely helps to know what you need to get right in order to succeed in the long run. The unfortunate truth is that many businesses fail within the first year or two. To avoid being one of those, you need to be sure that you are doing everything in the right way. Let’s take a look at the six things that your business needs in order to succeed far into the future.




One of the most important things of all is time. It is all too easy to find yourself getting impatient when you set up a business. However, it is vital that you appreciate how much time it can take. Really, you should not expect to see any particular kind of success within the first six months, maybe even a year. It is for this reason that the next quality is so important.


As we have seen, success can be a long time coming. But as long as you are determined, your business is much more likely to carry on in a positive way. When it comes to determination in the business, it is best if everyone has it. Having this kind of passion throughout the office is a sure way of getting ahead, no matter what the business is or does. More on dedication can be found at www.bloggingtips.com/2011/08/03/dedication-the-third-key-to-success/.


All businesses, obviously enough, need to operate from somewhere. You will need a decent space to work from if your business is to work. It can sometimes be difficult finding the right kind of space for a new business. Above all, you need to ensure that there is enough space for the business to grow into. That way, you won’t have to relocate any time soon. Take a look at www.hoxtonmix.com for an example of such an office space.


It goes without saying that a business needs money to get going. But you might be surprised at how little you need. There is only one way to know for sure, and that is by budgeting the business in detail before you set it up. This is really the only way to know exactly what kind of resources you will need. You also need to think carefully about how to get hold of them. Compare funding options, and take your time with them before deciding.


All businesses need employees, but how many again depends on the nature of the venture. You might find that you alone is enough. Or you might feel the need to hire more people to help you out. Whatever turns out to be the case, just make sure you are careful with who you hire. They are the most important part of the business of all.


Your business will go nowhere without this. A strong vision ensures that you know where you are going, and why. You should have a very clear idea of what you want to achieve, and how you will achieve it. With that, you can then go on to great success in no time.