#TChat Theme for Wednesday: Veterans and the Workplace

Tuesday, November 11th, is Veterans Day and that is the theme for this week’s #TChat (Wednesday from 7 – 8 EST)

Topics include supporting Veterans in the workplace and issues Veterans face trying to re-enter the workforce.

Read the Whitehouse’s Report on Military Skills for America’s Future: Leveraging Military Service and Experience to Put Veterans and Military Spouses Back to Work

Get the Facts on the Presidential Memorandum Supporting Veterans’ Employment and Reemployment Across the Federal Workforce

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune identified how veterans view themselves as job seekers. All veterans surveyed were asked how strongly they agree with the following statements:

  • I can think on my feet — 87 percent
  • I work well on a team — 83 percent
  • I have experience dealing with conflict effectively — 73 percent
  • I have technology training — 65 percent
  • I trust leaders/superiors — 58 percent
  • I have experience working/serving in other countries — 48 percent