10 Key Mechanics of #Gamification

As I get ready to write a grant to game-ify our online orientation, I was re-reading Rajat Paharia‘s book, ” Loyalty 3.0.” Below are his 10 Key Mechanics of Gamification (See Chapter 4 of the book!)

Fast Feedback I get immediate feedback or response to actions
Transparency I can see where everyone (including me) stand, quickly and easily
Goals I have short and long term goals to achieve
Badges I can display evidence of my achievements
Leveling Up I can achieve status within my community
Onboarding I can learn in an engaging way
Competition I can see how I am doing against others
Collaboration I can see work with others to accomplish goals
Community I can see what the community is doing; the community can see me
Points I can see tangible, measurable evidence of my accomplishments.

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