#Amplification: Getting More Shares for Your Social Content

To increase the strength of your content, you need to “amplify” it. What does that mean? According to Avinash Kaushik, amplification is the rate at which your followers take your content and share it through their network.

  • On Twitter: Amplification = # of Retweets Per Tweet
  • On Facebook, Google Plus: Amplification = # of Shares Per Post
  • On a blog, YouTube: Amplification = # of Share Clicks Per Post (or Video)

Do you have a strategy to amplify your content? Here are some ideas for you:

5 Ways to Amplify Your Social Media Message

  • Social Marketing – You need a centralized place to monitor all of your marketing efforts, and allow your entire team to work together.
  • Social Timing – Knowing where your customers are, and when is the best time to tweet is really important.
  • Social Commenting – Users are more engaged with the story, tweeting out their comment is a breeze, and it really facilitates discussion.
  • Social on the Go – You only have narrow window with social. Often, the chance to amplify your message is reliant on how quick you can reply and propel a message forward.
  • Social Linking – track the sharing power of a link you disseminate, and shows you which types of content are popular among your following.

I like Martin Waxman’s amplification metaphor – Lather, Rinse Repeat

  • Lather. Step one is building things up –your content and community. You have to put a lot of energy and effort if you want to spread the foam (er…your story) around.
  • Rinse.  That’s when your story is out there in the world and out of your hands. You hope it means something, travels well, and gets passed along.
  • Repeat. This is when the replay web comes in and the story is reborn, so to speak. The question is: How do we find people who didn’t see it the first time around but may still be interested? Can we leverage posts from the proverbial archives that still apply today?

Do you have a strategy to amplify  your social media content? If so, please post a comment and share your ideas!