Use Social Networking To Reduce Auto Insurance Costs

Can social networking really help you lower your auto insurance?

It might seem like a stretch, but there are some interesting and fun tips to give you a leg up on the competition. Not only can you enjoy some extra money, but you can do it all while on social media – which is quickly becoming a favorite activity for many.


As any driver that has ever been stopped and/or in an accident and not produced auto insurance can tell you, the penalties can be severe.

According to 2013 information from the Insurance Research Council and California Department of Insurance, 16 percent of drivers in the U.S. are uninsured, 14 percent of auto accidents nationwide are caused by uninsured drivers, while the total funds gathered from uninsured motorist tickets across the country amounts to some $861 million.

Follow along with a look at some ticks and tricks to social networking for better car insurance rates:

Amazing Car Insurance Graphics and More!

That isn’t a typo.

You really can find interesting graphics, information, and more that pertain to car insurance.

Take a look at the handful of pins on an auto insurance Pinterest board.

As one user comments, it really is nice seeing the “dull topic” made interesting with infographics.

Informative and graphically appealing, this is the kind of information that can help you save on car insurance. It’s the perfect type of board to follow, once you are done skimming through your favorite recipe and cute cat picture boards on Pinterest

While auto insurance companies and those related to the industry might not be producing that many graphics-based items, there are some gems to be discovered.

Hence, if you like Pinterest, Instagram, or another type of social network in this area, you could find a unique pathway to sound auto insurance tips.

Of course, the main activity between the world of car insurance and social media will occur on more text-based sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

While these sites can obviously integrate media, they will have more content than those networks that specialize in pictures or videos.

Getting Some Great Advice on Social Media

“Help! How do I get car insurance?”

Whether this is you – or perhaps you’re struggling to save some money on your policy – it’s natural to feel a bit confused. Thankfully, there are answers.

One of the best examples for a strong social network that can help you save on car insurance is’s Facebook page.

This well-run page includes helpful information when navigating the waters of auto insurance. You’ll find anything from direct tips to driving advice, quizzes, and fun things that you can enjoy viewing as you check on your friends and other Facebook pages.

Scour your social media profiles to discover some interesting feeds to follow. You might unveil a helpful network page that will give you tips and tricks you can use to save money!

Best Way to Save on Car Insurance with Social Media

It never hurts to try.

Even if you’re confident that you did your homework, you can still keep a watch over the best tips via social media. And if you’re not in that category, a few likes and follows could help you get there

The best way to use social media to save on car insurance is to follow your insurance company, if applicable. Why?

Social media is a great way to interact with a company, and assuming that they’re responsive, you can get your questions answered. You can also receive updates about available discounts, reminders, and other things that pertain directly to you, as a consumer of the company.

Of course, this also works in another angle; you can take a look at what the competitors are doing as well.

Perhaps they will be responsive to your questions if your insurer is not – or, at least, they can get you a quick answer to a quote if asked.

Using social media to get simple questions answered from them (e.g., if they have a discount that your insurer doesn’t offer) can be a strong tactic that saves you money.

After all, it never hurts to see what is happening around the world of auto insurance. You never know what you might discover!


Let’s face it – it’s not much fun doing research on auto insurance.

Anytime you can blend a less-than-exciting topic (insurance) with something more exciting (social media) – and it ultimately might help you with your finances – you can call it a win.

Take a look at social media profiles for insurers and third-parties.

There are some interesting, helpful and even entertaining options out there that can help you fill time with some harmless fun.

But just maybe you’ll save some cash on your auto policy.

About the Author: Brian Neese covers a wide array of website topics, among which include business, social media and SEO.