Network Automation’s Key Role in Your Company’s Success

Turning your fragile and precise network settings over to an automated system may be a difficult thing for traditional business owners to handle. But in the digital age, it is imperative for businesses to remain agile and efficient – and network automation enables you to do exactly that. Manually operated networks are at the mercy of the natural human limitations of speed, focus and consistency.

networkAutomation provides all three of those crucial elements in their maximum capacity – all with a smaller drain on manpower and financial resources.

Save Precious Resources

As the following article shows, you may look at “How network automation helps your company improve”.

First of all, it costs less and dramatically reduces strain on your IT department by automatically handling run-of-the-mill tasks that they would have to otherwise do themselves.

Do you want to pull an already overly taxed IT pro off of a job just because the network was interrupted? Allow your IT department to keep other projects on track by automatically running your network.

Automated Networks are Fast Networks

Most processes run faster when they are automated. Manually regulated networks not only are at the mercy of human error and time limitations, but if the person who is in charge of the network leaves the business – specifically if they leave suddenly – it is nearly impossible to maintain continuity.

Automated systems are better at recognizing new devices, which is an absolute must if you’re part of the BYOD revolution. When network changes are made, it is far more difficult – and time consuming – for people to get the network running again afterward.

Automated Network Configuration Backup

Network configuration backup is a crucial, yet often overlooked component to network stability and data security. If there is a disaster or network interruption, a recent backup point is the surest way to a quick recovery and reduced network downtime.

On the data side, configuration backup dramatically reduces the chance of accidental data leaks or intentional breaches by outside hackers. Only around one-third of companies perform network configuration backups regularly. Of those that do, 20 percent still do their backups manually. This is time consuming and leaves room for human error. Automatic network configuration backups keep your data safe and your network prepared for problems.

Whether it’s to unburden your IT staff, to ensure consistency and speed or to guarantee that your network configuration will be backed up correctly on a consistent basis, the clear benefits of automation are among the only guarantees in business.

About the Author: Andrew Lisa is a freelance tech writer. He covers business technology and Internet security.