Floor Mats Deliver Customers

planAs a small business owner, you may be looking at ways to update your business’s interior or exterior at an affordable price.


One easy way to do this, full of benefits, is with a new commercial floor mat.




As the following article notes, consider these 10 benefits of a new commercial floor mat

  1. A floor mat adds a welcoming touch. Whether it’s inside or outside, a new mat can welcome your customers with warmth and invitation and provide a great first impression.
  2. It will help keep your facility clean. Again, inside or out, a floor mat will keep outside debris from scattering around the inside of your building. Dirt and leaves won’t get tracked in.
  3. A floor mat provides a place to wipe wet feet and catch drips from rainy weather. When the weather is wet, your employees and customers will have a place to wipe wet shoes or shake out an umbrella without tracking water into the building.
  4. It can prevent accidents. If water is kept from being tracked into the building, you can eliminate accidental slips and falls. This can not only prevent injury, but also prevent your business from losing money in the case of a lawsuit.
  5. A floor mat can add personalization. With a logo commercial floor mat, your business can market itself. Again, inside or out, a custom logo mat adds customization and marketing right away for your customers to see.
  6. Commercial mats hold up better than consumer grade. Because they are made of a more durable material at higher quality, these mats will hold up better and stand up to more wear in high traffic areas like entry ways.
  7. This is an affordable way to update. If your old mat is ready to go or you just need a little update, a commercial floor mat is a great way to update without spending much. You might be surprised how much better your space looks with a new mat.
  8. These are versatile. You can use floor mats in places other than entry ways. Depending on the style of your space, you can use them as runners, near the counter or even anti fatigue mats for your employees who are on their feet most of the time.
  9. You can find green, eco-friendly mats and help the environment while helping your business.
  10. Commercial grade mats are slip resistant. You won’t have to worry about the mat sliding on floors or carpet because they are slip resistant. You’ll be making the area safer as a whole.

Between safety reasons, affordability, looks, marketing and warming up your space and making it more inviting, a commercial floor mat can add a lot to your business space.

This is an easy, low-cost improvement, and one you and your customers will be happy you added,

About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer covering topics like small business, social media and health.