Are Your Employees Fit for Work?

Running a business puts you in control of myriad of decisions. While some are easy to make, others can be a little more challenging.


One area that sometimes leads to a gray area is corporate wellness.

Ultimately, how responsible are you for the health and well-being of those who work under your leadership?

While business owners can’t watch how their employees live outside of the workplace, they can certainly see such activities in the office.

As a result, they can provide their employees with a good working environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle. The key is straddling that fine line between being a caring manager and being too involved in your worker’s lives.

So, how do you determine what is best for your employees when they are under your watch?

Give Workers a Positive Working Environment

In order to give your employees a healthy and happy working environment, consider a wellness plan for starters.

Whether you go with a corporate wellness plans from MDVIP or elsewhere, you’re off on the right foot. With a corporate wellness plan, your employees are better suited to meet their daily tasks, putting you and your business in a great position to succeed.

So, what should a corporate wellness program look like?

You want one which offers a regular wellness exam and wellness coaching and tips from a certified private doctor. This will allow your team to access the best level of care year-round.

The plan should also permit any traveling execs and employees the ability to visit an affiliated doctor where they are visiting, along with a visit with a specialist when deemed necessary.

If this sounds all too expensive for your business, it does not have to be.

Illness and Injuries Cost You Money

Think of the flip side and having employees who are regularly dealing with illness, injuries and an overall lack of energy to do their jobs. In the long run, that can be figuratively and literally more expensive for your company.

As you mull over the idea of an official corporate wellness program, here are few other things you can do in the meantime:

  • Look into a corporate gym membership for all your employees who wish to take advantage of such an opportunity;
  • Have some after work outings that involve physical activity. Events like bowling, softball etc. not only are good for everyone’s physical well-being, but it can also promote office camaraderie ;
  • Encourage employees who are sick to stay home and get better before coming to work. Having one or two workers down to the cold and flu is better than having an entire office of sick people;

As someone who runs a business, what are you doing to keep your employees fit and healthy?

About the Author: Dave Thomas writes for a variety of websites on topics such as marketing and small business.

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