Be More Mobile with Baby Boomers

Normally when people think of texting, social media and mobile marketing, minds shift towards the 20 something crowd. And, though, while, yes, this is a crowd that has embraced mobile marketing to the fullest, it’s certainly not the only one.

Surprisingly, baby boomers are one of the largest demographics to be engaging in mobile technology.

Check out some of these facts from mobilecommons:

  • By 2015, people aged 50 and older will represent 45% of the U.S. population;
  • 81% of baby boomers own a mobile phone, and 85% use it for text messaging;
  • People aged 55-64 send and receive an average of 80 text messages per month, and senior citizens 65+ average at 32 text messages per month!

These stats show that if you and your company wants to hit up the hot spots in marketing – market to the baby boomers through mobile technology.

As the following article shows, don’t omit important baby boomer time and the mobile market!

Group of People Holding Hands Around Letter SMSMobile marketing does offer a variety of outlets to work with, and for the baby boomers, text messaging is the number one.

While a lot of the younger generation can be reached through social media platforms like SnapChat and Instagram, the baby boomers have other places, and texting is one of them.

Another one is social media and the biggest social media platform to find the baby boomers is on Facebook.

Here is where they connect with friends and follow family.

It’s a great way for grandparents to connect with grandchildren and an easy one to navigate. So if your business is looking for a social network to woo the baby boomers, hang out on Facebook a bit.

Price Comparison

Baby boomers tend to be thrifty and like that good deal.

A good marketing strategy is one that does put emphasis on good prices, and this can be done through mobile marketing as this generation is doing some price checking online.

By including hard facts rather than emotional reasons to buy your products, you’ll better reach this generation.

Mobile vs. Desktop

Though most baby boomers still feel more comfortable on a desktop, especially when researching and purchasing, don’t forget that the majority of them do have a cell phone – close to 90 percent of this generation.

And though they may rely more on a desktop for research and buying, it’s a good idea to have mobile friendly apps so that when they want to use their mobile device, you can easily reach them without discouraging them with a messy or hard to navigate mobile site.

Be Friendly

In addition to using Facebook, baby boomers are willing to communicate in other venues online and in the mobile world.

If they reach out to you, be sure to reach back. Keep mobile marketing strategies friendly and engaging. Don’t ignore or snub this population, it’s an important one.

The baby boomer generation has seen a lot, and it’s embraced a lot. They want to keep up with their families and many of them continue to work longer and be more active upon retirement.

Don’t leave them behind, and they’ll thank you for it. Keep a strong mobile presence and include them in it.

About the Author: Heather Legg is a writer who covers a variety of topics including marketing, social media, and health and well-being issues