Choose Your Management Team Wisely

Choosing the right management team is one of the most important parts of building a successful company.


From the CEO to the COO and every management team in between, the selection process is oftentimes rigorous.

In order to help you build the best company possible, here are a few tips for putting together the ideal management team:

First Things First: Choosing the CEO

If your company’s management team is a machine, then your CEO is the oil that makes the machine run smoothly. Because of this, it’s important to put plenty of effort into finding the right chief executive officer.

You can start by selecting candidates who have management experience, either as a CEO, COO, or working directly under company leaders.

Next to experience, you’ll want to find a candidate who is a natural leader and takes initiative in tasks and projects.

Focusing on where the company is headed as opposed to getting distracted by small details is a must. Someone who strategically thinks about the company’s future is also an ideal quality in the right CEO candidate.

Because these qualities are hard to discover during an interview, many companies hire their CEOs from within.

COO is Next on the Management List

The chief operating officer is your CEO’s right hand person, so you’ll want to spend time finding someone who gets along with your CEO.

As the following article looks at, one reason COO Bob Bratt has successfully managed multimillion-dollar legal programs is because he has great working relationships with CEOs.

Because the COO needs to expertly handle the daily operations of your business, you need to also choose someone task-oriented.

The COO will work closely with other management positions as well as manage teams, so finding someone with leadership and people skills is important.

Management Teams

Other managerial positions common to companies large and small are president, chief financial officer, chief marketing officer, and various department heads. These team members should be chosen as diligently as the CEO and COO.

However, you’ll want to have your CEO and COO decisions made before you begin recruiting the rest of the team.

If possible, involve your CEO and COO in the hiring of the rest of your management teams. This will ensure they build the team that works best for the company and themselves.

Additionally, this process will give your CEO and COO a good chance to build their relationship.

Team Building

Although companies put a ton of effort into making sure they build a management team that works like a well-oiled machine, sometimes personalities clash. If this becomes an issue for your company, you can choose to restructure or implement team-building exercises.

Restructuring your company’s management team costs time and money, which is why team building is always the better route.

You can choose to do in-office team-building exercises that improve relationships through trust activities. Likewise, you can choose a more immersive route by taking managers on a company team-building outing.

Whichever path you take, just know that team building is sometimes necessary when creating a strong company.

When it comes to choosing the best management team for your company, keep in mind the pointers above.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including recruitment and business management.