Make Mobile Contests a Hit for Your Brand

mobileIf you’re looking for ways to promote your club, there’s no better way to get the word out than with mobile contests. That’s right, mobile contests combine the outreach of mobile marketing with the excitement of competition.

Here are just a few ways your club and your brand can launch a successful mobile contest:

Decide on the Type of Contest

Whether you run a nightclub or a music venue, mobile contests can help you get more patrons in the door. However, the success of your club contest largely depends on the type of contest you launch.

It’s important to choose a contest that speaks to your brand but that also intrigues the kind of patrons you serve.

Fortunately, there are a number of different mobile contests in which to choose.

They include:

  • Photo Contests – One of the most popular mobile contests businesses use are photo contests. You can create a photo contest where you encourage patrons to submit photos from one of your club events. Best photo prizes can include anything from drink vouchers to goody bags to special event passes;
  • Referral Contests – Another great way to attract new patrons and promote your brand is with referral contests. With a mobile referral contest, you can reward those patrons who get their friends and family to opt-in to your mobile campaigns;
  • Video Contests – Your club is the perfect place to hold a video contest. Much like the photo contest, you can encourage patrons to film their favorite dance moves or anything else that has to do with your club. You can post videos to your website and have patrons vote for the best one on their mobile devices.

Create a Launch Plan

Once you’ve decided on the type of mobile contest you want to launch, you then need to think about the process of going live.

What kind of marketing budget are you working with? What’s the time frame you’re aiming for when it comes to launching the contest? Do you want the contest to coincide with a special event?

You need to have all of these questions answered before you launch.

The article “Winning at Text-2-Win: How to Launch a Successful Mobile Contest at Your Club” mentions the importance of offering unique and exciting contest prizes.

Choosing the right contest prizes should be part of the launch plan too.

Test, Test, Test

Once your contest is built and you’re go for launch, you need to perform a test run on multiple mobile platforms. You should perform a soft launch where you can test your contest layout on IOS and Android smart phones as well as tablets and other mobile devices.

Once you know everything is working properly, then you can launch on a larger scale.

Promote Your Contest

A mobile contest won’t do your business any good if your patrons don’t know about it, so make sure you promote your contest online. The best way to promote your mobile contest is through social media and in-club advertisements.

When you’re ready to give your club scene a boost, take advantage of the social contest pointers above.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including mobile marketing and club promoting.