Is Your Business Communication Broken?

communicatingBusiness communication has advanced a lot in recent years. This change has come about in part because of new technology, such as the cloud, mobile devices and the growth of apps.

The benefits have been vast with employees getting real-time information and customers receiving more timely responses. However, there is still a long way to go when it comes to effective and continual communication in the business world.

Why Communication is Broken

As the following article looks at, if you are one of those people who appreciate the changes in communications, you may not recognize that business communication is (still) broken.

Companies do not have the same problems as in the past, but they have found new issues to contend with. For example, with the rise of business social networks, more information is shared between employees.

While it keeps everyone in the loop on the latest developments, it can be difficult if not impossible to track who knows what. Instead of a standard email going out to all involved staff, some employees are sharing partial information with others while some staff members may be missing vital pieces of data.

Another issue is when it comes to collaboration. Software designed for collaboration allows people to send messages to each other and keep everyone updated on the latest developments. However, not all software programs are the same.

They are not all as equally effective at every task, and you may be missing out on certain benefits, especially if you have not updated your software or reviewed your options in some time.

Fixing Broken Communication

The first step to dealing with the current communication gaps in your organization is recognizing what they are. This means reviewing communication between employees and departments and between your company and your customers.

Ask them what they find frustrating about communicating with your company or with each other. Get their feedback and determine what the underlying issues are. Do you need a better method of communicating or an improved system for your current method?

Find out what is working and what needs to be improved. Are there employees who feel left out of the loop or those that receive incorrect information? Do your customers receive timely answers that are incomplete?

Look for problem areas, make a list of those issues and seek out ways to resolve them.

Numerous communications programs, apps and products exist in the marketplace. What worked five or ten years ago or even last year may not be the most effective solution for your business today.

As new technology continues to develop, you must be willing to experiment to see what works for your organization. The best product will solve current problems and prevent future ones.

When looking for the right communication resources, you must consider ease of use, the ability to track and manage, and effectiveness. Good communication is still one of the primary indicators of a business’ success.

Poor communication can cost your business while the right products and methods can enhance your company image and efficiency.

About the Author: Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including finance and business communications.