Turn App Users Into Brand Ambassadors

brand_loyaltyDid you know that if you have a business app, you also have a fleet of well-qualified brand ambassadors?

When people hear about your business from someone they know, it adds an extra level of credibility.

Make the most of that trust factor by encouraging your app users to spread the word about your brand. How?

Follow these top 7 tips:

Link Your App with Social Media

Getting your app mentioned on social media will raise your brand profile, and encourage more downloads too. Make sure your app is linked to social media, and make it easy for users to tweet or update about it.

To make it even simpler, pre-populate your app with the text you want your users to share. Now there’s no need for them to write anything, just press the screen and share your app for you.

Focus on Quality

When your customers talk about your app, you want them to say good things.

As the article “Thought Leader Series: How to Get Your App Users to Do Your Marketing for You” says, if your app has errors, your customers won’t want to talk about it. Or if they do, they’ll be complaining.

Make your app worth talking about by focusing on quality and offering an enjoyable customer experience.

Offer Rewards

Give your customers an incentive by rewarding them for sharing your app. Take Candy Crush for example. Users can unlock additional features by inviting friends to play the game too.

Think about how you can apply that principle to your app. How can you reward users for talking about your app? Make it worth their while.

Make Use of Vanity Shares

People love to share their achievements on social media. Tap into this by making it easy to share achievements or high scores. Give your app users a reason to talk about your app with their friends.

This approach isn’t just for game-based apps. For example, a fitness app might enable sharing every time a goal is reached, or a cooking app might encourage users to share what they’re planning for supper that night.

Encourage Reviews

Build in reminders asking your customers for reviews. Your app users won’t necessarily write a review of their own accord, but a simple reminder will give them a nudge in the right direction.

Do set your review reminders so that users stop seeing them after they’ve given a review, to avoid looking spammy.

Market Your App

If you want to build your own fleet of brand ambassadors, you have to get them to your app first. Give your app its own marketing campaign, which can be as big or small as you like. Draw attention to your app and let users know why they should download it.

Consider giving your app its own landing page, where you can collect email addresses of users in return for useful content that they’ll love to share.

That way you can use email to keep in touch and remind them about all the shareable features your app offers.

Listen to Your Users

If your users give you feedback about your app, listen to it.

By taking feedback on board you can get to know your app users and what they want from your app. That means you can refine your app to give them just that, helping you stand out from the crowd.

Happy app users are far more likely to talk about your brand. Pay attention to the customer experience and make it a good one.

Give your app users an app they’ll love and encourage them to talk about it, letting them become ambassadors for your brand.

About the Author: Tristan Anwyn writes on a variety of topics including social media, how to build customer relationships, content marketing and how to use apps to raise your brand profile.