Are You Taking Advantage of Video Productions?

video2jpgWhen it comes to connecting with customer or potential customers in the digital age, video content is king.

Yes, text is still a major player, but video content allows viewers to become more immersed in what you have to offer.

In a way, video content connects more personally with viewers, leading to more conversions.

How Are You Producing Video Content?

In a world full of smartphones that produce excellent-quality video, it may seem tempting to just come up with a marketing idea and film it using such device.

While this can work with niche marketing ideas, it likely won’t garner the attention or conversions your business deserves.

Instead, as suggested in the article, “Should You Outsource Your Video Productions?,” either hire an in-house video production team or outsource your needs.

High-definition cameras these days, alongside video editing software and filters, can provide a Hollywood-look to almost anything so that your videos can come across as professional with limited effort or expense

Where to Post Your Videos?

When deciding where to post videos, you need to think about the video content. Traditionally, YouTube has been the go-to solution.

Simply create an account for your company and upload your marketing and advertising videos for products and services. However, today, there are a multitude of options available to share.

For example, Facebook and Twitter video uploads are great, whether paid advertising or not. You can also publicize short videos on services such as Vine.

Working with multiple sites will allow your company’s videos to be viewed by a much larger audience.

You might even consider creating different versions to reach different demographics on each service through which you publish.

Can Video Production Become an Additional Revenue Stream?

An interesting point about online videos, especially when factoring in YouTube is that they can not only be a content marketing goldmine, but they can actually generate revenue.

Once you have enough subscribers to your company’s YouTube channel and you’ve hit a certain amount of views for each video, your company can actually start to receive residual income from the videos it posts.

In fact, some successful YouTubers make millions a year off of posting informative and engaging videos on a regular or daily basis.

The double win for your company is that professionally-produced, well-thought-out videos can go on to garner brand exposure and support for a product or service while bringing in additional revenue.

About the Author: Andrew Rusnak is an author who writes on topics that include video production and marketing.