Market Savings to Consumers Wanting Deals

marketing_savingsAs a marketer, what are you doing to offer great deals to your company’s brand? In a day and age when consumers have myriad of choices for products and services, it is important that your marketing efforts include deals that are too good to turn down.

So, how do you offer such specials and still turn a profit when all is said and done?

Separate Your Company from Others

In order to stand out from the competition, marketers must make sure that they provide offers too good for consumers to say no to. Face it; consumers can just as easily go to another provider if your marketing game falls on deaf ears, so make it stand out.

With marketing such a huge focus in today’s world, here are some tidbits to making your marketing program rock:

  1. Have a purpose – Whether you are marketing home furnishings, auto insurance, educational tools, or any other number of products and services, what is your purpose? Are you marketing to truly grow your business or just doing it because the other guy does? What kind of budget do you have to work with? Will you market year-round or just around the holidays? There are many things you need to decipher before you put your marketing plan into action;
  2. Be focused – If your marketing program is all over the place, your results can be mixed at best. When you zero-in on one or two areas of marketing, you stand a much better chance of being successful. This might mean having a 50-50 mix of traditional marketing (flyers, brochures, email etc.) mixed in with mobile marketing, marketing which allows you to reach out to consumers on their smartphones etc. Having a mobile marketing program in place for special times of the year, i.e. Christmas, beginning and end of summer etc. could work to your advantage;
  3. Get social – No matter how much time you invest in your marketing initiatives, they are not likely to go that far if you do not socialize. Given social media is all but free to use, make sure you’re active on several sites, promoting your brand. If you offer cable or satellite TV services, make sure you use your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram sites etc. to promote the specials, letting consumers know how they can benefit from doing business with your company;
  4. Review and tweak from time to time – You may have the most desirable product or service out there, but even the best get stale after a while. Make sure you try and stay one step ahead of not only the competition, but keeping your brand fresh. Market the products/services so that consumers know how valuable your brand is in today’s world. A product or service that was popular and/or of value to consumers even just a few years ago won’t be hurt by a little touch-up work in 2015 and beyond. Make sure your marketing reflects such changes so that consumers know you’re not just standing pat.

In today’s economy, consumers want value for their dollar.

When you market your brand correctly, you can not only save them money, but save yourself and your business from wondering where the next dollar is coming from.

About the Author: Steven Jennings writes about consumer items of interest, including how to market to them.