Put Blogging to Use and Rent More Business

realestateAs a property manager, you know the importance of keeping the properties you manage full. That task is easier, if you can reduce turnover. One of the best ways to bring in new tenants while retaining current residents is by creating a blog.

Blogging offers many benefits to property management companies as part of your marketing strategy.

Provide Information

One of the best ways to capture the attention of potential tenants is by providing valuable information on your blog. Use it to let others see what it’s like to live in your community. Think about the questions potential tenants would have and answer them on your blog.

For example, talk about where your property is located if you get a lot of out-of-town tenants. Let them know about nearby amenities and what the culture is like onsite. If they like what they read, they’ll be more likely to choose your property and stay once they move in.

Introduce Yourself

As a representative of an unknown landlord, you must be the face of the property. Let your personality show in your blog posts. Don’t write blog posts that are dry and only based on facts.

Instead, showcase your personality, so the tenants know what to expect when dealing with the manager face to face. At the same time, potential tenants can get to know other residents if they reply to your posts.

Encourage this interaction by asking questions to get the opinions of others.

Choose a Variety of Topics

Keep a running list of topics that appeal to your audience. Put yourself in their shoes and ask what they would want to know more about. Start with general ideas and narrow them down into single thoughts.

As the article, “7 blogging tips for your property management sites”, says, keep a file of ideas you get as you go about the rest of your job.

Ask your residents to provide ideas. Find out what they wanted to know or might still have questions about. This ensures that the topics you select are relevant and interesting.

Know Your Audience

What works for one demographic won’t work for everyone. Don’t generalize your blog to reach random applicants. Instead, know who you want in your properties or who is most likely to be interested and write to them.

If you have mostly college students, talk about the nightlife near your properties. If you have families in your apartments or homes, mention the schools or nearby parks. Discuss the low crime rate or the security guard you have onsite.

For senior rentals, you want to focus on the issues which matter most to them.

A blog can continue to bring in new tenants long after the posts have been written.

Make sure your blog is meeting the needs of your intended audience, and you’ll find a marketing strategy that continues to work for the long term.

About the Author: Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including marketing and running a small business.

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