Tutoring Apps: Get the Benefits

Tutoring chalkboardTutoring apps are hitting the market en masse. From free to affordable, these apps are widely available on devices like mobile phones, tablets, PCs and laptops. If your child is struggling with math, you may have considered a math learning center or a private tutor.

Both of these solutions take a big chunk of time out of your day, and they require a big commitment from your child. Tutoring apps offer a lot that you can’t get from either of those other options.

Benefits of Tutoring Apps

Tutoring apps have many benefits.

They include:

  • Cost – Some tutoring apps are free, or have a lite free version. This allows you and your child to test out the app to see if your child engages with the interface, and if they make any progress. If you like the app, a full version is usually a fraction of the cost of just one private tutor session.
  • Diversity – Since there are so many choices for tutoring apps, there’s a lot of room for diversity. Children can learn in a language that’s easier to understand for them, they can learn with images that depict their own culture, and they can learn in various ways. For instance, one math app may utilize pictures to teach math functions. Another may use lots of text to explain the relationships between numbers. Both of these are valid teaching methods, and your child will gravitate to one or the other;
  • Instant, Measurable Results – Unlike a traditional classroom, a math learning center or even a private tutor, math apps provide immediate, measurable results that your child can access independently. For example, when your child answers a problem with a correct solution, most apps will make a pleasant sound, give an image, such as fireworks, or a voice might say, “good job!”. In alternate learning environments, a student might have to wait days or weeks to get any feedback on how well they’re doing. Children respond well to instant, positive feedback, and tutoring apps offer just that. This positive reinforcement could actually play a part in your child’s overall success, which as the article “why a math tutoring app could be better than a math learning center for your child” is yet another reason to consider them;
  • Accessibility – When you provide a tutoring app for your child, you are giving them the freedom to learn anywhere and anytime they choose. Unlike a math learning center, where you are expected to be someplace at a certain time, tutoring apps are available for use whenever your child wants to use it. Children learn better at different times of the day, and a designated appointed hour at a math learning center may not be suited to the way your child learns.

With a tutoring app, your child can log in and learn in the morning, afternoon or evening, whenever the inspiration strikes.

They can even log in while you’re driving them to practice, school or to a friend’s house.

About the Author: Kate Supino writes about the ways in which technology shapes our lives.