Do You Like Being Your Own Boss?

individualEvery job and every position has its own advantages. Some people, however, aren’t happy unless they are their own boss. And it makes sense.

Being your own boss has lots of advantages, and though it may be tough sometimes and a lot of responsibility, the ultimate satisfaction of knowing you are the one in charge is worth it.

Advantages to Calling Your Own Shots

Regardless of the field, being your own boss has advantages. Travis Pizel shares some advantages in the beauty field, primarily hair styling, in the piece “Thought Leader Series: Hairstylists: Advantages of Being Your Own Boss.”

He mentions things like product flexibility and choosing your own hours – very valid and worthwhile advantages in this field.

Other things he mentions carry through to other fields, like convenience and marketing control. The convenience of being your own boss is one of the top reasons people enjoy this – if you need a day off, you take it.

You don’t have to put in vacation days and wait for approval. Marketing control is big, too, because even if you’re a franchise owner, you’re not in control of marketing.

For those with a flair for this, it’s a huge advantage.

More Advantages

Another reason people relish being their own boss is they can grow the business at their own pace.

Usually people think the faster and bigger the better, but for some, family may come first so it can be slow and steady while kids are at home, and then bigger when they’re gone.

Or as retirement gets closer, the business can slow, but you can still hold onto it.

You can also hire who you want (and let them go if needed). Often, even when you are in a hiring position, you don’t have full say so.

When you are the boss, you do. This allows you to pick people who perfectly fit your business and will add their skills to its success.

You can also let them go if you see that’s the best thing to do without going through lots of red tape and wasting time.

Love What You Are Doing

Ultimately, the biggest advantage may be that you are doing something you love. People start businesses because that’s where their passion is.

Whether it’s recruiting, hair styling, writing or tutoring, whatever your passion may be there is a market for it. Work is a big part of your life; it should be something you love.

Yes, it’s hard work. And sometimes being your own boss is isolating or stressful or worrisome – or all of that.

But the bottom line is that many people thrive as their own boss. It can be rewarding, fulfilling, lucrative and worthwhile.

If this is on your mind, go for it – there are too many great advantages not to!

About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer who covers topics related to social media, working for yourself and small business.