Why Being Your Own Boss is a Win-Win Situation

entrepreneurNobody likes a bad boss.

Perhaps that’s why so many people are ditching the 9 to 5 in favor of becoming entrepreneurs and essentially their own boss.

Between easy-to-build website templates to cost-free social media, there’s a wealth of resources for anyone that wants to start their own business.

But what are the perks of being your own boss and what does it take to stay on top?


Build Your Own Workplace

One of the most immediate benefits of being your own boss is that you don’t have to go into an office everyday if you don’t want to. You can work from a home office, a renovated garage, or anywhere a laptop will travel.

If you work in a creative field this is especially helpful in that new environments can spark inspiration and new ideas you may have never come up with in a traditional office environment.

Ultimate Flexibility

As the article, “Thought Leader Series: Hairstylists: Advantages of Being Your Own Boss” points out, you can not only determine your own hours but you can set your rates too.

In the field of hair-styling this means that entrepreneurs don’t have to abide by salon standard rates. In other freelancing fields like writing, this means that you get to collect a full rate because an agency isn’t taking any fixed cut.

Flexible work hours allow you to work not only when you want, but during the time of day when you know you’re most productive.

No More Miscommunications

Anyone who has ever worked in an office can attest to the fact that miscommunications between you and your superiors can happen all the time. When instructions get lost in translation, workflow can bottleneck and the quality of your service can suffer.

But when you’re your own boss, it eliminates the problem of multiple parties. You are the one solely responsible for your work and there’s no one else to blame if things go wrong.

Being Your Best Boss:

Get Organized

As mentioned above, when you’re in total control of your business, it’s your responsibility to stay organized.

This means everything from managing a database of clients and keeping track of invoices to more complicated matters like being familiar with taxes and the legalities of registering your own business.

Connect With Other Entrepreneurs

You may be running a one-man or one-woman show but that doesn’t mean you should be without guidance or support.

Other entrepreneurs will know exactly what you’re going through and advise you on the mistakes they’ve made as well as share strategies that worked best for them.

You can connect with communities specific to your industry online or even rent space in a co-working office specifically for self-starters like yourself.

Stay Passionate

When the initial thrill of being your own boss fades and the difficult logistics set in, it’s important to remember why you created your own business in the first place.

Take time to check in with your passion to get a clearer sense of the big picture in your decision-making.

While being your own boss is a clear win-win, it’s just as important to follow these strategies to ensure you’re being the best boss you can be.

About the Author: Kristin Livingstone writes on a variety of topics including entrepreneurship and being your own boss.